Any Pugs Hate Getting Their Feet Wet?

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Did someone say- peanut butter?!?
Barked: Tue Jul 7, '09 11:20am PST 
I have lately developed an aversion to getting my toes wet, and with a record amount of rain this year, I am making my mommy crazy.

I have had trouble losing my winter weight and got in trouble at the vet recently for the extra poundage. I get healthy treats and good, lite food -- I know I need more exercise. The problem is that I put on the brakes when there's a big puddle or two (some are unavoidable) and absolutely refuse to got out (even to potty) when there's even a sprinkle.

Any suggestions before my mommy starts carrying me around? red face

Queen of- Everything
Barked: Thu Jul 9, '09 2:38pm PST 
Yes, I hate the wet ground too as I am sure that I am made of sugar and I will melt if my twinkle toes touch the ground! Seriously, my mommy & daddy have to carry me to the back door and PLACE me outside on the grass. Once I'm there, I do what I have to do, but then I run back inside as if my toes were burning. Did I mention I am a bit of a drama queen? Anyway, for some reason, I don't fuss when I go on walks, only when I have to "hurry hurry" in the back yard. Pugs, whatcha gonna do?

laugh out loud
Jettson- DuPaw

If it's in my- mouth it's- MINE!!!!
Barked: Thu Jul 16, '09 4:51pm PST 
If I have to go outside after it has rained I personally look at that as a form or torture. I do not like my feet to get wet at all. When I come in mom has to towel dry my feet or I lick and dig at my paws...Now I do this to show I have been mistreated & abused.


Can you scratch- my back, please?
Barked: Sun Jul 19, '09 6:00pm PST 
I like wet feet!! I just dont like Muddy feet.

Barked: Mon Jan 4, '10 9:20pm PST 
I hate to go outside with it is raining, or snow.
Im 19 months old nowo and that god my mommy trained me to pads inside.
I go out when it is dry and not when it is wet.

The Ralphinator
Barked: Wed Jan 6, '10 6:11pm PST 
Jettson, Ralph does the same thing, I have to wipe his paws off or he licks like CRAZY!

Ralph just hates the rain in general, but he sure loves jumping in the shower with me!

Barked: Mon Jan 11, '10 3:50pm PST 
I don't mind the snow or wet grounds too much however I do HATE the feeling of salt on my paws!!!!! So my mommy bought me disposable booties, I think I look funny in them but they work!

Barked: Mon Feb 8, '10 11:35am PST 
I love getting my feet wet!! Sprinklers, puddles, bath tub! Only do I dash out of the wet when it is raining.