What about a Puggle?

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Barked: Mon Jan 12, '09 11:04am PST 
I know it isn't an official breed, but I just bought a 6 wk old girl. She now has a rectal prolapse. I own a beagle and have had no problems with her. Is this a trait in Pugs? She is too young, I found out once we brought her home. Now I just need to get her through this "ruff" time! thinking

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Barked: Thu Jan 15, '09 5:37am PST 
I know that pugs are prone to having anal gland issues but I'm not sure if that's specifically a pug thing or just a small breed thing in general.

Honestly I had never heard of that until I saw your post. I had to "google" it to find out exactly what it was. Wow, you poor little baby! We wish you all the best for a very speedy recovery!!hug
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Barked: Thu Jan 22, '09 2:26pm PST 
Get well soon!

Yeah it's going be a rough time, but with consistent care at home from following the vet's instructions things should be fine! If you're interested we have a great book about Puggles on our site.

I think they're adorable!


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Barked: Thu Jan 29, '09 8:38pm PST 
Thats honestly the first time I heard of this rectal issue... I don't think it's a pug trait... regardless i hope your cutie gets well soon!snoopy