What Started Your Pug Love? Other Favorite Dog Breeds? Just Sharing...

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Barked: Sun Dec 14, '08 9:14pm PST 
Hi Fellow Pug Owners,way to go

I figured it may be kind of neat to exchange our pug owner stories of how you became a lover of Pugs.blue dog

My love of pugs began when I was a kid... and I watched the kids movie "Milo and Oatis" which is a 1987 movie. Regardless it started my love of pugs since the movie was about the adventures of a cat named Milo and a pug named Oatis. I couldn't get over how rediculously cute they were! LOL Then finally last year I became the proud owner of my first pug "Pablo"... he fits into my family perfectly and I was so excited last Christmas when my fiance bought him as a Christmas present for me. Of course I picked him out! He turned 1 back in October... he's just so darn sweet!happy dance

I am curious to know others dog breed favorites aswell? I personally am not a huge fan of small breeds, I prefer larger breeds like rottweilers, dobermans, german sheperds, huskys, etc... but Pugs have always grabbed my attention. The only small breeds I like are Pugs, Miniature Pinschers and Boston Terriers. Of course I love dogs in general but these are my preferences. I was just curious what other dog breeds everyone likes?dog

On another note, I am getting my second dog tomorrow! I am so excited, my fiance is buying me a miniature pinscher tomorrow! I knew after my pug hit over the 1 year mark that i wanted to ad my second addition to my family. I've been telling my daughters who are 4 and 3 years old that I am getting 1 more dog(for now! lol). My daughters are so sweet and good with pets! I've had them around dogs since they were born... had my mom's dog stiffing there tiny feet when they were babies. puppy

Anyways, I figured I haven't been around much to post(As Christmas is right around the corner) so I just wanted to share a little. I hope everyone has a good week before the holidays!wave


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Barked: Tue Dec 16, '08 7:18pm PST 
I'm Pablo's new family member!blue dog

The Ralphinator
Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 11:06am PST 
Milo and Otis did it for me too smile

Peggy - Adopted!!!!

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Barked: Wed Jan 14, '09 7:54am PST 
I think it may have started with that movie for me too! That was the first time I saw the breed. As an adult I started researching small dogs as I had two large dogs and wanted a third. I had to have one that could run withthe pak! However it was Matilda that sealed it. I was looking to rescue and Matilda came along. She was a puppy mill dog. Her foster mam said she was timid but shae came to me and sat on my lap. That was it. I was hooked. I started fostering pugs a few years later and I adopted one more a short time after that.

Barked: Mon Jan 26, '09 1:28pm PST 
"Milo and Otis" did it for me, too. As long as I could remember I had always wanted a pug. When I turned 17, George was my birthday present from my mom in all his wrinkly, snoring, snorting glory! happy dance

I'm a mouth- piece!
Barked: Mon Jan 26, '09 7:43pm PST 
Haha! Sounds like "Milo and Otis" started a few peoples love of the pug... I actually have the movie now for my own 2 little girls to watch and they are always like, "look! he looks like pablo!". lol It's cute... snoopy
Little Bit

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Barked: Mon Jan 26, '09 8:47pm PST 
I actually have never seen Milo and Otis..but I think I will buy it for Little Bit

My Pug obession started when my brother got Puggsly. He was and still is the most perfect dog. He never wonders off, does not need a leash, never barks, hardly snores, no health issues, and is the kindest most gentle pug you have ever met (he even gave a bone he was chewing once to a puppy. He just dropped it and walked away).

So, I got Little Bit... and the first few years of her life she was a COMPLETE OPPOSITE of Puggsly.. but through the years she has turned into the mosts loyal sweetheart in the world, and I would do anything for her!
Lana- Christine

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Barked: Tue Jan 27, '09 9:27am PST 
Milo and Otis for me also. I bugged my husband since we got married 4 1/2 years ago, and got Lana in March '08

I'm a mouth- piece!
Barked: Thu Jan 29, '09 8:03am PST 
Yeah, when I was a young teen my older brother dated this girl who would bring over her runt pug puppy... omg! Sooo freakin cute! I kept telling my fiance how much I loved pugs and wanted one so as a Christmas 2007 gift he took me to pick out a puppy... and that was of course my Pablo.big grin He's been great, the only issue I had was when he started indoor bathroom again at 1 year of age but then I found out it was because I paper trained him for the first few months which confused him. After that he's been a saint. snoopy