Biting pug?

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Barked: Sun Jul 29, '07 9:28pm PST 
Zimra is just 5 months old. He's very nippy and it is starting to worry me. I have tried the firm approach, I have tried the ignoring him approach, I have tried the crying like a hurt puppy approach, I have even tried the biting him back approach. When he is calm and focused, we do "kisses only" training, With that command I can touch his nose and play with him and he just licks instead of biting. So, he seems to understand it in that context, but not in general. When he is worked up and excited, which is often, he bites, sometimes hard. He gets so frenzied and hyper that he doesn't seem to hear anything, and he just keeps biting. This morning he actually snapped his mouth together and the sound of his jaws snapping shut was really unnerving. This is my first puppy. Is this in the range of normal behavior? Help. I'm worried that he's going to be a dog that bites, although I have never heard of that in a pug! (cross-posted to Behavior and Training)

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Barked: Tue Jul 31, '07 5:08am PST 
Lily will be 2 yrs old in a few days, and is STILL at times playfully nippy like a little puppy. Even after persistant correction methods, she has only shown very slight improvement. Oh, she understands "no bite"....but usually thinks about it and decides for herself that it's more fun to play that way with her mouth with 2 other animals when she's excited.

Wish I had more suggestions for you....just stay firm with your corrections. Hopefully one will sink in eventually. I wouldn't replace one bad habit with another....Lily went through an obsessive licking spell. Also, Pugs tend to respond better to "food" rewards.