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The Puggy Mug- Next Door!
Barked: Tue Jun 12, '07 7:38pm PST 
AAGH!!!! My daddy is freaking out right now! He says I might be a little overweight! I weigh about 24 pounds. Is that overweight for a male one year old pug???? I mean, I feel fine. But my daddy would really love if someone could give us some tips if I am overweight! AAAAAHHHHH! eekdogshock


I Might Be Small- But I Have It- All!
Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 1:31pm PST 
The "standard" pug is supposed to weight between 14-18lbs.

Pugsley is 1 and weights in at 15 lb. I do think that 24 pounds is a little big for a pug! One of my biggest fears is of Pugsley becoming over weight, an over weight pug isn't good.

You should try excising more and maybe feeding him less. I know they always think they are hungry, but you should watch it. Try to stay away from people food... Maybe give healthy snacks such as carrots and other veggies!

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The Puggy Mug- Next Door!
Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 8:38pm PST 
Thanks Pugsley! You're such a great pal! Now, instead of just being walked during the evening. Daddy says we will try to walk together at around earling morning, during the afternoon, and of course, at around 6 during evening! Ok Daddy, let's put on our jump suits and grab our water bottles! BOL!!!

Yer Pal way to go,

Fig Newton

I am a Princess!
Barked: Thu Jun 21, '07 6:34pm PST 
Fudge, you can tell if a pup is overweight by looking down at him, he should have a "waist", ribs should stick out farther than the waist, but should not be able to be seen individually (this would be too thin) and then look at him from the side, the belly should go up after the rib cage ends. I have seen a chart about this at the vet's office. Has your vet mentioned you may be a bit too tubby? Figgy is about 14 lbs and is an ideal weight. She is only 10 mos and has just been spayed so I am careful about not eating too much and getting enough exercise, because pugs and fat do not mix well.

lazy gordo;- gordito- lindo;good ol'- granp
Barked: Fri Jul 20, '07 5:07pm PST 
us puggies are always struggling with our weight. i am granpa, and i am 11 years old. i weigh 30 lbs. i use to weigh 33 a couple of months ago, that's when they told me i had thyroid disease and this is why i was gaining so much. now mommy and daddy monitor my diet, plus give me the thyroid med. i need and i am feeling much better. puppy

Bug Assassin!
Barked: Thu Aug 2, '07 10:31am PST 
I am also 24 pounds but I am a big boy so the vet said I only need to lose about 2 pounds. I've been trying to lose those two pounds for about a year now. I guess the weight is hard to take off BOL!


Barked: Fri Aug 3, '07 9:11am PST 
I think the weight issue with pugs is always a bit of a struggle. When Beijing turned a year old this past February, she weighed 21 1/2 pounds. Her vet felt she needed to loose at least 2-3 pounds. We limited treats, added an extra daily walk/playtime. We live in a three-story home and she's constantly following us up and down stairs throughout the day and still she doesn't lose weight!
She's solid as a rock, and her vet has decided she is what she is, so we just monitor her food/treat intake daily and if she gains a little we cut back on that spoonful of peanut butter for a few days! wink
Tan-Gi Lin-

Mommy's Little- Angel
Barked: Tue Aug 7, '07 11:31pm PST 
My mom put me on a diet about a year ago!!! I don't know why, I was doing just fine the way I was. But I have to admit that I am felling MUCH better since I have lost the weight.My doctor is happy about it . Because he said I would live longer and that makes my mom happy!!! I also like to play more & since I have a new cousin that likes to play it is better for me!!.........
Tan-Gi Lin;

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princessperidotp- ugglesbee
Barked: Sat Aug 11, '07 9:06pm PST 
dont worry
my mom and grandma freaked too.
well, they put me on a diet,
only feeding me about 3/4 of what i had before. but yeah the typical pug is 14 - 20 lbs. [20 is usually full grown show males]

but yeah if you want to know more just send me a message

Guy Noir

Barked: Sun Aug 12, '07 1:34pm PST 
Guy Noir here. Depends on yer size. I am much taller than Ascii, who weighs about 18 lbs. and is just a tad overweight (well, she's 13, and mostly sleeps and eats...) I weigh in at about 30 lbs. I need to loose about 3 lbs...I have gotten a bit uhhhh....portly. But I am very active (I run in the yard, play tug, jump on the furniture, pugtona the house on a regular basis) becuz I gotz a poodly gurl fer a trainer. Man, that gurl iz TUFF. She weighs in at 15 lbs, but can knock me on my keister! She runz like a gazelle and iz tuff as a rhino. Get yerself a poodly gurl....I'll send you mine.

Guy Noir Private Pug
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