Err... Some people *Vent*

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Emma the Bella- Principessa
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '07 9:30am PST 
I totally understand where you all are coming from. Emma sometimes gets made fun of for her wardrobe. She has several coats and sweaters for the winter and a raincoat as well (actually I shoudl say "had" because she's outgrown them all and we'll have to buy her all new outfits). People don't seem to realize that she needs cold weather gear, and, well we all know how stubborn these pups can be - she will not go out in the rain without her rain coat on.

A lot of people veiw pugs, and other toy breeds, as just fashion accessories. I don't know how many times I've heard comments like "that's not a real dog"or " that's bareley a snack for my dog" . It's just rude and ignorant.

As for walking, Emma gets two fairly long walks a day, just this morning we were gone for abouth an hour and a half, but Emma's an exception to the rule. Our vet has said that as long as she enjoys the long walks, then we should continue. Keep in mind that in the summer her walks are at 6:00 am and 10:00 pm, so she can avoid the heat of the day.
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