Not listening when called!!

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Barked: Sun May 13, '07 7:10am PST 
Happy Mothers Day! I am having a problem with Tia and not sure if it is just an age thing so I need to ask all my Pug friends and that is YOU! When we use to take Tia outside (without a leash) in the back yard or around the outside of the house she would come when called or sit when I asked her so we can pick her up and bring her in the house. Now when she goes out she runs away from you and will not come. Tia is 7 months old. Can you give me some pointers??confused

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Barked: Sun May 13, '07 6:15pm PST 
I still have this problem with Pugsley, I think this is where there pug stubborness comes in!
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Barked: Sun May 13, '07 7:44pm PST 
Your PUG does not come when called??? I am completely shocked!!!! wink I have helped my uncle (who has been training, showing, breeding GSD's for 30+ years) train numerous GSD's and I was unable to train my itty bitty puggy wuggy!!! I had to gain my uncle's help to train her to sit on command! She would do it for a treat, but would not progress past that point. Even now, at almost 9 mos., she is inconsistent. I am not saying it can't be done, but I am not having much luck! "Nothing in life is free" seems to be the best training method for her, but even that is hard--she will just do what needs to be done to get what she wants, but if there is not material gain her response just depends on her mood. She knows her commands, but chooses not to listen. I would suggest keeping your baby on a long lead and not letting him/her have the choice of not coming when called. Oh, by the way I am just a big talker because I am working on my issue (according to my uncle)--she is sooo darn cute that I am not always the leader the pack! I am wrapped around her paw red face. I think I need a support group. "Hi, my name is Stacey and my Pug is in control" BOL! Anyone else wanna join?


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Barked: Sun May 13, '07 7:55pm PST 
Hi~ I'm learning that Pugs= STUBBORN. Lily will be 2 this August and still refuses to obey commands...unless she's in the mood and there is food involved. She will perform an array of tricks for a treat she loves though.

For instance, when I walk with her. I make her sit at each corner. She knows this by heart, and my other younger dog will sit first...but Lily must be told repeatedly in a stern voice before she does it....each time, each corner....sometimes I even must push her stubborn little butt down myself. I might add that Lily is also the most intelligent and *cleverest* dog I've ever been owned by.

This goes with meal time too. We've been practicing the "nothing in life is free" method since she was 3 months old....by now at almost 2, she knows that she won't get food until she sits quietly ...but she feels the need to bank off the cabinets, spin, jump, and whine first. So twice a day I consistently correct her behavior...but it's an on going process...and I'm fearful of how much longer this will endure.

So I'm still waiting to see some sign of improvement with this issue. My one suggestion is to be persistent with your Pug if you see she is testing your authority.

I wish you good luck!

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More food with- my *whine*- please
Barked: Sun May 13, '07 8:02pm PST 
Figgy you are cracking me up....big laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh
I thought I was the only one who had a stubborn mule with a curly tail disguised as a Pug! I tell her everday that she's lucky she's cute...or else....silenced

....then she gives me the infamous Puggy *head tilt/tragic face/who me * look.....shrug
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Barked: Mon May 21, '07 1:29pm PST 
When you take your dog inside, what is it that you do? If you want your pug to come when called, you need to make sure he/she has fun after they come to you. These dogs are eager to please, themselves! So, you need to get your needs in line with theirs.

Try playing with the dog outside a bit before going inside, then playing some more once you go in. If you were outside having fun, smelling all the smells and someone called you, you came to them, and they abruptly ended your fun, you probably wouldn't be so quick to answer the next time they called you. Also, is this a way for your dog to get attention? If so, don't reward the behavior by chasing your dog. Ignore him until he comes to you, sits, and then act like that is the best thing he/she has ever done in his whole life.

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Barked: Fri Jul 20, '07 5:15pm PST 
well us pugs we have a mind of our own. my mommy and daddy think i am deaf, but really i have selective hearing. i love them a lot and they spoil me like crazy, but i like relaxing and napping, so when they call me, i preten i didn't listen. when they took me to the vet, they told him I was deaf, but he said "He is not deaf, he is just being a pug". Dr. Vet, SHHHHH... You are going to give away my secretshh