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Barked: Wed Jun 6, '07 5:04pm PST 
My pug Tia LOVES snoopy the water! She hears the water running in the bathroom and comes running and wants to jump into the tub, even if there is no water in the tub. Last week we had really hot weather and I was vaccuming my above ground pool and she decided to walk around the edge of the pool and fell in. She started to swim and swam to the ladder and I lifted her out. I then put on her life jacket and she was in and out of the water.

Snugle Bug
Barked: Thu Jun 7, '07 11:56am PST 
Water forget it. I hate the water if mom starts the wash tub water I run for the hilss and when i finally get put in the water I cry and cry until she takes me out. I hate the rain and espically having my face washed.

I won't even go near our pond without water let alone with the
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