Accidental peeing

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Barked: Sun Oct 21, '12 9:13am PST 
Hello everyone.

Dolce is now 10 months old and hes been good with most things but one. When he was around 6 months, he was for the most part full potty trainer. Accidents would rarely happen. He then started to lift his leg and mark his territory EVERYWHERE. So right when that started, we knew it was time to neuter him. The operation went without a hiccup, and as a bonus he stopped marking completely.

However, ever since we have had one major issue. He has CONSTANT accidents. Some weeks it feels like once or twice a day. Some times its just submission peeing, like when we pick him up when he knows hes doing something wrong, or if hes overly excited. But other times its full on emptying. I know hes not doing it on purpose, because not only is he not lifting his leg, but he is extremely shameful while doing it. For example he will be walking and all of a sudden start peeing and just freeze and dip his head down almost to the ground, all while standing.

We have been trying to make him to go pee very often, but it seems to just decrease the amount he pees rather than him having the accidents. The last couple days we have only let him be outside his crate if he is in the same room as us, so we can watch him like a hawk. But event then, one of the days he has full on peed accidently because he got overly excited.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Bodhi Wodhi
Barked: Tue Oct 23, '12 6:21am PST 
If you do not think it is behavior related, then I would definitely take him in to see a vet. Rule out any medical issues.