Born with a heart murmur... need help

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Barked: Thu May 19, '11 7:58am PST 
So my Pom was born with a heart murmur. She's now 9 years young. She never had any problems with it but the vet seems concerned and thinks i should get a cardiologist to look at what is causing it. Two issues:

A) This is very costly but i will do anything I can for my pup. Are there any options for financial help? Clearly pet insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions.

B) I'm torn. If he sees her and says she needs surgery- surgery could kill her at a young 9 OR she could die tomorrow of heart failure. I don't know what to do and am losing sleep!!

Thanks in advance for any help!shrug

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Barked: Thu Jun 23, '11 9:28pm PST 
Heart Murmurs can be common, and not harmful. Some however, may need medication as they can be a sign of more complicated issues. I would not worry to much til you get a second opinion. There are many vets who will overcharge and encourage unessential costs. I would always get a second opinion before seeking a specialist.
Good luck.