Jack is Bossy and lillis barking

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Jack John- Kammer

chunkie - if he was a kid- he'd be pudgy
Barked: Thu May 12, '11 7:57am PST 
I have noticed more and more jack is trying to be bossy with lilli. he when we pet her or pick her up he barks and gets whiny. and when she barks when we are leaving he trys to stop her. I stop him when ever i see it. any advice to help get this to stop. oh and lillis barking is slow but when ever someone comes in and leaves its still really bad. help how do i fix this. i love my babys and ( i just had a terrible dream we were at the dog park and jack fell in the river (but ther was ice and there isnt any anymore) so im thinking of staying away for the dog park for a bit.) how do i fix the annoying parts of my babys. Im always telling her stop and him and working on the behaviour so i hope to see it reduce more and more