Getting a Pom. HELP! :)

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Barked: Wed May 18, '11 1:20pm PST 
If you like I can email you a pdf book on poms. (Pomeranian's for Dummies) I found it very help full when I was getting ready to get my fur baby. If you are interested in it just private msg me your email.
The Boys

The Three- Stooges.
Barked: Wed May 18, '11 9:45pm PST 
I got rid of my bedframe and have my box spring and matress on the floor. My pups have always slept with me once they were potty trained.

Bodhi Wodhi
Barked: Fri May 27, '11 8:12am PST 
I don't have anything to add, but I want to wish you all the best, and be sure to put up TONS of pictures!!! Squeeee!! LOOOOVE Poms especially the babiesbig grin GoodLuck!!


Gorilla Zoe
Barked: Fri May 27, '11 9:35am PST 
Aww thanks smile I'm sooo excited.. only about 3 more hours!! & don't worry it'll probably get annoying with how many pictures I plan on posting wink
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