normal weight feels skinny

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Lilli Rose- Kammer

Loving until you- leave the house
Barked: Mon Apr 18, '11 7:55am PST 
sometimes im worried about lilli's wieght, she a full seven the vet just weight her when i took jack in to get his shots. but sometimes when i pet her she feels pretty skinny i know she's healthy she hasnt change her energy level or her anything else. and she's 7 pounds. jack is to but he feels like a heavier 7 pounds its wierd. im just freaking myself out right

Bodhi Wodhi
Barked: Wed Apr 20, '11 1:48pm PST 
Yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about if she "feels" skinny. That's a good thing!!! As long as she is healthy and active, no worries!! It's better to have a dog on the thinner side as opposed to the thicker side. Poms are little dogs. They don't need to support too much weight!!smile