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Little Man
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 7:08pm PST 
Long story but...adopted a 2 yr old female Pom. She is wonderful. So, let's get another one, a puppy. We did, Simon, at 9 wks old. Completely house trained him in a short period of time. THEN, another puppy became available. A male. Adorable (of course) So, let's get just one more. Brought the puppy home..he and Simon did not really warm up to each other. After 1 month, we knew that the puppy had to be returned to the breeder. He was mean and only meant to be in a family with 1 dog. Really! Breeder thankfully took him back. Simon started marking in the house and to this day, 2 yrs later, still does so he wears "panties" except when he is outside and when he sleeps, in his "house" at night. He loves his house. A nice size carrier. He goes in willingly.
Any thoughts about this annoying habit? Can never catch him lifting his leg. Yes, he is neurtered.