How to tell if our dog is in heat

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Barked: Wed Mar 9, '11 6:11pm PST 
i have a female pomeranian and she's 9 month going to try 10 months on apirl 1st. and i'm scared that she's in heat. how do we tell when a female pomeranian is in heat????

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Fox cub in- disguise
Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 2:49pm PST 
I think you will know when your dog has her season. Roxy has just had her first season (at 1 year old shes quite late I think) and at first she started to wash a lot. After a day or so of washing I noticed she had started to bleed. There wasn't much and she's been so good at keeping herself clean. Around this time her vulva swelled up to and there is a really noticable difference. Apart from the odd speck of blood there hasn't been any mess at all, and Roxy has been her usual self just a bit sleepier than usual!

The main thing is to know your dog and pick up on those early signs. You'll soon notice when she starts to act a bit differently!

Hope I've helped smile