How do I know if I am feeding my Pom enough?

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Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 2:13pm PST 
Taz is 4 year old male Pom weighing 12 pounds. He is one of the larger style Pom's and is AKC purebred. He appears very healthy and not a bit overweight. I currently feed him 1/3 cup of Nutro Ultra Weight Management twice a day. He is like a clock when it comes to feedings to within 5 minutes of the same time each day. In addition, he gets an extra kibble or small treat each time we go out and he goes to the bathroom which is 5-8 times a day. He is active, but is not hyper and get some form of exercise each day although he is primarily an indoor dog. The problem I have is that when he goes to the bathroom he wants to eat his stool like he is starving. Am I feeding him enough?

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Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 6:25pm PST 
Here's a calorie calculator that you can use to figure out how much he needs to eat. Eating poo is not a sign of being hungry, it's a behavorial thing. You can give him some a couple of bites of pineapple which will make his poop taste bad in order to break him of his habit. Poms are very eager eaters. They do know when it's time to eat, especially when you have them on a schedule. They will overeat if you allow them to. It's up to you to make sure that he gets only what he needs so he stays at a healthy weight.

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Wow the pineapple idea sounds great! happy dance He may not be getting enough of the right nutrients which can lead to eating poo, at least that is what I have read...