Does your pom play with non-pom dogs???

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Does your pom play with other non-pom dogs? I got Lilly from the breeder when she was almost one year old and she was only ever around other poms. I've been taking her once a week to a local small dog play group but she would rather sit next to me then play with the other dogs. There are no other poms in the group. There are alot of chi's, mini poodles, daschunds, shih tzus and italian greyhounds. If we get there early and there are only about 6 other dogs she will bark alot at them and walk around but not much else. When the rest show up (usually around 30 dogs attend) she just kinda freaks out and stays close the the wall and next to me. Any suggestions on how to help her come out of her shell around other dogs? She loves to play with her toys at home and loves to run and chase me and have me chase her.

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The more you do this, I think, the better it will get. Reward any positive behavior around other dogs (i.e. sniffing or being sniffed) with a small treat and/or verbal praise. (I use tiny bits of carrot). She might also do better with just one other dog over a longer time period, she may be overwhelmed. She stays with you because you are safe and you are her pack. Perhaps if you go and interact a little with other dogs she will get curious and follow (you are showing her they are safe).

I got my little guy just like you when he was a year old and he loves loves loves other dogs. He stands his ground and lets them sniff him like a proud dainty little individual. If they are around for a little while he initiates play. I must say tho that it usually is one dog at a time....ANyone else have any ideas?

Also, good for you working on socializing Lily, it is so good for her!!!

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Thanks! We aren't allowed to bring food to the play time meet up do to other dogs who may have food allergies, but I have been trying to verbally praise her when she adventures further out. I guess it will just take some time. She really doesn't seem to like other dogs sniffing her behind or getting all up in her face. lol I will praise her alot more when she lets an other doggy do this to her. Last Sunday she started sniffing the other dogs which she hasn't done before . . . big step forward! But on the down side she was involved in a scuffle with a very large chihuahua. frown Chihuahua got too close and stayed to long, she snapped at him, he did the same back to her and jumped at her, she took off across the room running which got all the other dogs running after her cuz they thought she was playing. poor thing was shaking when I scooped her up. I am hoping this Sunday will go over alot better. *crosses fingers*

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Lilly sounds like she is a little fearful around other dogs. I would definitely not take her back to the play group if there are going to be 30 dogs there. I think that is way more then she could handle. If you are interested in trying to socialize her I would think she is going to be better off with a much smaller number of dogs. Every time a situation like that happens, being chased by others, it is going to reinforce her fears and you may never get her over them. Take it slow.

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It sounds like she's not too sure about other dogs right now. I agree that you should start off with a few dogs (like 2 or 3) at first until she gets more comfortable.

Nicky loves playing with other dogs. He plays a bit too rough for small dogs, but he plays great with large dogs. He may have been well socialized with dogs growing up, but not people.

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