my pom keeps going under my bed.

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Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 3:21am PST 
hey guys. im a pom owner and i just joined the group! pretty new at this, but my pompom po loves to play. she is soo energetic. once we're done playing, she automatically goes under the bed. she takes her fav toy, or if she can, like a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and plays with those items UNDER THE BED! any of you guys have the same problem? how can i stop her from going under the bed without blocking the whole bed?

Did you say go?- I'm in!
Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 12:58pm PST 
Wicket goes under the couch with his prizes. The dogs feel that they are in a safe place, it seems like a den. Your pom will probably always go under the bed. Mine stay in his crate or under the couch. He is doing it a little less as he gets older.

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Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 9:57pm PST 
How about giving pompom a crate in your bedroom? Pup may just be looking for a den, a place just their own that is cozy, as Wicket says. Put toys in, feed pup there...leave door open. I have a bedskirt on my bed and Satori has never gone under the bed. He has a crate in the bedroom.

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Little Nugget
Barked: Wed Feb 23, '11 6:13am PST 
Harley loves to take naps under the bed...but he doesn't take his toys with him. Sometimes he will hide under the couch if I disciplined him for something (usually if he takes a forbidden object like tissue paper or a piece of garbage). But other than that, under the bed is like a den for him so I don't have a problem with it.

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Barked: Wed Feb 23, '11 1:23pm PST 
Nicky likes to nap under the bed as well. He usually goes up there at night right before bedtime. I have to slide him out by his harness for last call potty break laugh out loud

Little Man
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 7:02pm PST 
mine, too! He LOVES playing tennis ball and hides it under the couch, chair, anywhere where we have to get down and hands and knees to retrieve it. BUT, his most favorite place is under the bed.