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Barked: Tue Nov 11, '08 11:29am PST 
Hi. This is my first post here, and it's made out of desperation. I recently adopted a wonderful little black pomeranian, Bianca (she came with the name), from the county shelter. She's seven years old, about six pounds, and has had a tough life. She has had five owners that I can track (she came with some records) and has ended up in the shelter three times. Most recently, she was a seizure from a hoarding situation, and was adopted and returned because she was sick and they didn't want a sick dog. I've had her for three months now and, despite her background, she is wonderful. (My first little dog ever--I prefer shelter dogs and whatever one needs the home most.) She is sweet, tolerant of anything (that comes from probably having to keep dealing with different situations), not yappy, not high strung. Gets along with everyone and every animal. I adore her.

She has, since I've had her, had a constant cough/gagging thing going on. At least 20-30 times a day. I'm not the kind of person who goes on websites to seek answers--she has been to the vet at least 8-10 times. She does NOT have a trachea problem; her trachea looks perfect. They have put her on medication to resolve a possible lingering respiratory/pneumonia/allergy problem that might be causing the problem. (It is also not kennel cough.) She's had several x-rays, been on various antibiotics, and is currently on small daily doses of lasix and medrol.

Nothing has improved it. It gets worse periodically, but never resolves.

She is not a sickly dog, except for this. She is in very good health, active, no fever, no other symptoms, gets monthly grooming. Doesn't shed hardly at all, even with all of her fur.

She IS a big of an obsessive licker of her own feet/legs. There are no skin problems causing thsi. She has no signs of anxiety, and is overall a calm and quiet dog (unless there's a squirrel around).

BUT, the coughing/gagging is just awful to hear. She hacks several times until SOMETHING appears to come up (which she then swallows, so I can't see what it is). This happens a LOT. Too often to ignore and not try to find out what it is.

My question: Can a Pom get hairball problems? I'm at my wits end (and my vet is out of ideas), so I thought I'd go to the REAL experts--other Pom owners.

Thanks in advance!

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Barked: Wed Nov 12, '08 11:07am PST 
Aww I'm really sorry to hear of poor Bianca's problems. I have no experience with such a situation so I really can't provide any help. I have one piece of advice though, I would suggest you post this in the health forum because it doesn't seem as though these breed specific forums are very active. You'll probably have a chance posting in that forum, and will likely get very good advice. Good luck

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Thanks for the suggestion! As a "newbie," I appreciate it.



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My pom (first one as well) does a similar thing with the coughing. He goes entire days with no cough, then some days it is constant. He also appears to gag something up, then swallow whatever it was. My vet has eliminated all of the same issues that you have with yours, so we just assume he has occasional allergies that cause him to cough. One thing you mentioned is that Bianca licks her legs and paws often. That can be a sign of food allergies. A safe bet would be to make sure she isn't eating any common allergens like corn, wheat or soy. Just a thought. I have resorted to giving my dog some hairball remedy for cats on his bad days, but I didn't notice that it helped!
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Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 11:24pm PST 
We only have minor cough problems. We are sending an invite to you to join our Pomeranian Group, Poms United with Family and Friends aka PUFF, though. Maybe some other Poms there had the same problems. Our group is very helpful with things like this.


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Barked: Fri Dec 12, '08 11:03pm PST 
my baby does this too
my vet has told my that it is very normal for poms to do this
it is called "reverse sneezing"
i found this website for you and i hope this helps you
http://www.paw-rescue.org/PAW/PETTIPS/DogTip_ReverseSneezing.ht ml
im pretty sure that this is what it is.... talk to your vet about it

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Barked: Sun Dec 21, '08 7:44pm PST 
Cooper coughs pretty often too. He always has, some days are worse than others, and some days doesn't cough at all. I notice he gets hair in his mouth all the time. So I'm guessing it's a hair ball? I dunno. Wish I could be more helpful.
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Barked: Sun Jan 4, '09 11:16pm PST 
First, God bless your heart!!! It was encouraging to read your story of finally giving Bianca a HOME!

I have been with Ziggy for a month now (he is 3 months old) and he does the exact thing you described, only not so often, but its the same description. I have read many explanations to this problem but after reading so many cases I lost my obsessive fear of him chocking. There are apparently many reasons but its common to most Poms. I just take some logical precautions like giving him some rest after running a lot, so he catches his breath, and use one of those collars that pull him from the chest and back, and never from the neck.

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My daughter, who is a vet, says Poms do get hairballs and ehow says you can put a tablespoon of oil on their food each day for relief. http://www.ehow.com/way_5641363_home-remedy-pomeranian-hairballs.htm l Brush frequently