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Astor of- Suburbia
Barked: Sat Jun 20, '09 5:48pm PST 
Hello new shih tzu friends!

My name is Astor, I am a 12 week old little girl. I am black and white, and weigh almost 5 lbs!

I love eating, chewing, sleeping, and following my mom around wherever she goes! My favorite toys are anything that makes a noise!

I am going to puppy school in two days, and I am very excited to meet some other pups. I have already learned how to sit when somebody asks me to! I am excited to learn more smile

I am looking forward to hearing from some other shih tzu, what kind of tricks do you know how to do?

Thank you for sharing!
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Shih Tzu > what size are you?

Astor of- Suburbia
Barked: Sat Jun 20, '09 5:32pm PST 
I am still a baby! 12 weeks old, 4.79 lbs and growing!
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Puppy Place > New here! Questions about Shih Tzu Puppy


Astor of- Suburbia
Barked: Sat Jun 20, '09 1:33pm PST 
I am new here smile Everyone seems very helpful and nice, from reading some of the previous posts.

I have a 12 week old shih tzu puppy named Astor. She has had a big week, earlier this week (Weds) she had an anaphylactic reaction to a vaccine, and went into shock. It was quite scary, but the vet took great care of her and she is home again and happy!

My question is this : She normally eats 1/4 cup of Innova puppy food 3 times a day. Last night and today for breakfast and lunch, she is not finishing her meals. Normally she has a raging appetite and inhales her food in less than a minute!! She also seems to be more sleepy than usual, always wanting to nap. She also had her first dose of Sentinel yesterday (a pill for fleas and worms, to take once a month).

Could this decreased appetite and sleepiness just be due to her stressful week or should I be concerned??

Thank you so much for reading, I am a worry-wort when it comes to my little puppy smile
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