Other Barks & Woofs > What makes your dog happiest


Barked: Sat Jun 20, '09 3:41am PST 
a.) When i bring my mom pain
b.) when my mom comes runnign to me with a sandwhich, oooh, or maybe a bone. Or some orange juice or bananas. laugh out loud
c.) When I bring other people pain.
d.) Whenmy mom allows me to be as troublesome as I want. shrughappy dancelittle angellittle angel
e.) When my mom buys a while bunch of bananas and just lay it on the counter. I can just steal it whenever i want to.
f.) When my mom comes home from school. big grin
g.) When i get to watch television with mah mom. xD
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Behavior & Training > Strangers giving your dog commands?

Barked: Sun Jun 14, '09 6:03am PST 
Gosh, i know how it feels.
I brought four of my dogs, Furby, Princess, Mei and Elvis to this park the other day.
Believe it or not, Mei also loves to go around people.
So there she was, running to this lady. Then the rest followed her.
Furby, who always sits down when asking for food, noticed this hotdog in the lady's hand, so she sat in position. Then the girl went "Sitttttt." then "siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit." Then all of them sat down, except for Princess (The evil one.) applause
And, for some reason, the lady seemed to hate Princess. See, the lady was sitting down on this chair, then she put Princess's neck in between her feet, then sort of "choked her". There I had to make Princess bite her. In command. Not much damage, though. (sadly. :/ )

and the best part is, Princess stole that woman's corndog. shh

And by the way, I /think/ that dogs shouldn't take orders from strangers. Or allow strangers to force them to do the trick.
I'm not too sure though.
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Puppy Place > Scared about Pit Bulls


Barked: Fri Jun 12, '09 5:51am PST 
There are alot of pit bulls running around here in the neighborhood. And actually, i befriended all of them.
Before i met them, i actually kinda thought the same way. I was afraid of them, and I kept all my toy-breeds away from them. Until i watched this video about people saying they were monsters, they didn't deserve to live, they couldn't love and they're just a burden to this world. I felt a little bad for them, so i approached them the next day and fed them. Turns out they really actually liked me. This kept me thinking all night and I spend the whole day, next day, surfing the net for bulldogs. laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud

Oh lookie, a cat.

What I'm saying is that not all bulldogs are "Freaky", aggressive, etc etc etc. Maybe one day you'll even turn out to love them.kitty
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Pug > Controlling the Shedding of my Pug?


Barked: Mon May 18, '09 4:56pm PST 
WOW. I saw the picture on yur profile, with Harley and the Furminator.

Gosh, that's alot.
My chihuahua also has shedding problems. =/
Good luck, though.
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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Scared...Confused...Sad


Barked: Mon May 11, '09 12:11am PST 
Must be very tough. I'll be praying. wishes
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Other Barks & Woofs > Where Do You Sleep?

Barked: Fri May 8, '09 6:47pm PST 
I sleep in the grass, i love it.happy dancehappy dancehappy dance
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