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Barked: Thu Jan 15, '09 12:56pm PST 
To answer your question about what Blue Lacys are like... I would recommend that you find Marlo Riley on the net... she breeds Blue Lacys and is even a decendent of the breed creators.

Blue Lacys are high energy yet not "obsessive" like many of the other herding breeds... in other words my girl is ready at a moments notice to do anything but is willing to just sit and watch TV when she knows we aren't going anywhere. (by the way, Lacys are sight hounds so yours will probably watch tv as well... and yes, she really is seeing what is on the tv and can differentiate her favorite varmints from other furry things on the tube.)

I can't say enough about Laceys, they are frighteningly intelligent and sweet and loving... they are so intelligent and sweet natured that it breaks their spirit if you yell at them even a few times... so please don't get this dog if you are going to leave it tied up outside alone or you are a control freak that likes to yell at the dog.
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