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Norrbottenspets > Helloooooooo


Did someone say- "Go BYE- BYE!!??!!"
Barked: Thu Nov 6, '08 12:26pm PST 
Any more Nordic Spitz out there? I'm part.
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Other Barks & Woofs > what is the WORST comment youve gotten about your DOG?

Did someone say- "Go BYE- BYE!!??!!"
Barked: Tue Nov 4, '08 8:08pm PST 
One day, at the park, when Molly first graced us with her presence, a little kid come up to her and was petting her. She got excited and piddled on his shoes. I thought it was hillarious! His mom didn't. She turned to my mom and said "You should keep that mutt tied up" and since the little boy never asked if he could pet Molly my mom replied with
" Yeah, you think so? Well I think you should keep your little mutt tied up!"
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