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Beagle > help - housebreaking my beagle is so different from my lab


Barked: Tue Jun 30, '09 6:58pm PST 
We just adopted Kilo, a 4 month old beagle from this college kid who just didnt have time for a dog. We love Kilo, and he is the cutest dog with the sweetest temperament but....

what is up with the potty training the little one? he is always thirsty so he drinks constantly, ergo, pees a lot. I have to take him out about every hour and sometimes that's not even soon enough. we have a "potty area" for my lab in the backyard. Kilo will pee there but will NOT poop.

any tricks or recommendations for training a cute little baby beagle?
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Labrador Retriever > Dog Food recommendation

Barked: Wed Feb 25, '09 10:07pm PST 
Hello. My yellow lab Daisy is turning 1 next month and i'm looking for recommendations on dog food. right now we use the Blue Buffalo brand. she likes it fine but is a bit pricey. Just wanted to see what other brands are good for labs. Would appreciate your suggestions and recommendations.

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