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Rommel Rizzo

Barked: Tue Mar 13, '12 5:34am PST 
looks like I'm a little late responding, but for others happening upon this post: yes, I have a little miniature Dachshund that LOVES to hike and camp with us. We do all day hikes year round (we live in Texas) and vary between primitive and drive-up camping.

The most impressive outing was a trip to the Ozarks in Arkansas we made with Rommel (our dachsie) at Christmas 2011. He was 8 years old then. We (and he) hiked 12 miles - from out cabin, downhill to the drive-up campsite area, then back uphill to the cabin. We started in the the morning and it was dark and we were using headlamps by the time we made it back to the cabin. He hiked the entire way and, as you mentioned, was actually in front of us while we were huffing and puffing up that last incline. The following day we just did shorter day hikes -- 3 miles, then 2 miles. And finally on the third day, he was hiking a bit slower and when I was checking him over, discovered an injury to his paw pad so he got carried the rest of the hikes. We have a front carrier we bring along for when he doesn't want to walk or when the terrain is questionable (snakes) or tick country. He's an awesome little dog.
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