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Bee Pee

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Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 10:58pm PST 
Hello everydog!

We haven't been on dogster for years! But Mommy and Daddy just adopted a very sweet doggie from a shelter and we aren't sure what breed she is.

She was a stray and had a really ruff life frown. The paperwork says she is a pitbull mix but lots of other humans are saying she is a dogo argentino!

She is emaciated and is said to be only 18 months old. Humans at the shelter said she isn't a dogo becawz her size is small, but maybe becawz she is malnourished? She doesn't seem like a pitbull to Mommy and Daddy...but they said they are no experts so they need your help!

Please visit her page...she's isn't in great health (but soon to change with our luvs!) Can some dogs that know doggies well tell us your opinion?


Thank you very much!
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