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I have two registered therapy dogs. A Shih-Poo and a Rottweiler. They are registered wtih Therapy Dogs, Inc.(TD,Inc.), the Delta Society and also have their CGC. These groups provide liablity insurance (i.e. TD,Inc. $5,000,000). Go to the following web sites to get all the info including how you and the dogs are tested:
Therapy Dogs International (TDI) is another but I have no info on them.
I favor TD,Inc. as I am a Tester/Observer for them and are more"social" than Delta.
Delta is more command driven where as Therapy Dogs,Inc. is more temperament driven.

I have learned through 10 years experience in pet therapy that almost all facilities require some sort of liabilty coverage, particularly hospitals and schools.

It is very rewarding for the handler and the dogs love it as much as do the folks they visit!

Hopethisinfo helps.

Lexington, SC
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I have two registered therapy dogs( Shish-Tzu and Rottweiler).They are registered with the Delta Society(www.deltasociety.org)and with Therapy Dogs, Inc.(www.therapydog.com)and have their AKC Canine Good Citizens certificates. Each offers liablitly insurance while on official visits. Delta and TD, Inc. post their requirements and the test online so you can see if your dog is ready.
Both have a locator so you can find a tester/evaluator in your area.
Lew in south Carolina.
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I have a 118 pound Rottwieler female therapy dog so I know where you're comiing from! I went on line and ordered a pink dog vest and had it customized with her name "Scooby" and "registered therapy dog" put on it. It works wonders for the parents/staff and strangers when she visits schools and Children's hospital. I think the link was dogvests.com. or just google "customized dog vests".

Lew in Lexington, SC
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I live in Lexington, SC. My 5 y/o Rottweiller is a therapy dog (Delta Society/Therapy Dogs, Inc./CGC). She is NOT a service dog , but every other Monday she works in the emergency room at one of the largest hospitals in the area. She works the waiting and then goes into the treatment rooms with the patients/doctors. She is only one of 3 dogs who do that (2 Great Danes). We are escorted by a staff nurse.
I can't for the life of me understand why any one with a SD would have a problem! Gald to hear you got that straightened out.

I never say that my dog is an SD!! That does such diservice to those who have a working SD plus it's illegal.
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I have 2 therapy dogs, a five year old 116 lb Female Rottweiler and a 10 year old 18 lb Shih-Poo. They are both registred as therapy dogs with the Delta Society, Therapy Dogs, Inc. and CGC. They visit all the hospitals in our area.
I sugguest you socialize you pet at Petsmart, etc. I take mine there every Sat. just for that purpose. I found a local nursing home that allowed me to bring my dogs in to get them used to the smells and sounds they would encounter. You moght find one that will allow you to do that. You will find out for sure whether your dog is a good candidate for therapy work! Lew in SC
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I have a 116 lb Rottweiler. She is a Pet Therapy dog (CGC, Delta Society, and Therapy Dog, Inc.) but a prowler wouldn't know that! She lives with a 18 lb. Shih-Poo who sounds the intial alarm when strangers come around and then the Rotti investigates. I definately feel safer with having dogs in the house.

Lew in south Carolina
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