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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Time for wings
In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 12:12am PST 
I noticed this thread and saw that it hasn't had a reply yet. I don't know if anyone has given you your wings yet, and I can't make them myself, but I know somewhere where you can get them.

The group "Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies" has very wonderful wing makers who should be able to give your mommy a picture. If you can't find them, each of my own angels has the link on their page.

If you don't want to join the group, I can ask one of the wing makers about it and have them pawmail you or link them to this thread.
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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Asher is gone
In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Tue Jul 10, '12 10:16pm PST 
From all the posts I've read by you, I can tell Asher was very loved. From the posts alone, I know he was a great dog. Sending my condolences your way. May Asher RIP. hug
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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Lantis has crossed the bridge

In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Thu Jun 14, '12 3:02pm PST 
RIP sweet Lantis. I know you will be missed. hug

My condolences go out to you and your family during this hard time.
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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > You Have Chosen Tears

In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '12 10:06pm PST 
Share with as many people as you can, Misty. It isn't my poem, but I would still love to see this beautiful poem spread. hug
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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > You Have Chosen Tears

In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Wed Feb 29, '12 6:56pm PST 
I agree, Mika. I, too, feel pity for the ones who will never choose tears or never will again. I chose tears and I'd do it again. It hurts when they go, but there's something so wonderful about their love that I decide to face that pain one day, regardless.

Mattie was a beautiful dog. hug

I have no regrets, either. I chose tears the day I held Cinnamon for the first time, and even knowing what I know now, I'd do it all over again.
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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > You Have Chosen Tears
In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Tue Feb 28, '12 12:53pm PST 
This has probably been posted here before... I'm not sure? But I saw this posted in the Memorial section of a hamster forum that I am on and I thought it was beautiful. I've seen it all over the net, edited to fit several species' of animal. This one is written to fit hamsters, but it can be easily read in a different way to fit a dog. Besides, I thought everyone here would appreciate the sentiment behind it.

You have chosen tears

The little boy with the smudge on his nose stopped.
Behind him, hammies were playing, chasing each other and
wrestling in the warm sunshine.
It looked like so much fun, but in front of him, through
the clear stillness of the pond's water, he could see his mommy.
And she was crying.
He pawed at the water, trying to get at her, and when
that didn't work, he jumped into the shallow water. All that got him was wet and Mommy's image danced away in the ripples.
"Mommy!" he cried. "Is something wrong?" The little boy turned

A lady was standing at the edge of the pond, her eyes
sad but filled with love.
The little smudge boy sighed and walked out of the water.
"There's been a mistake," he said. "I'm not supposed to be here."
He looked back at the water.
It was starting to still again and his mommy's image was coming back.
"I'm just a baby. Mommy said it had to be a mistake. She said I wasn't
supposed to come here yet." The kind lady sighed and sat down on the grass.
The little smudge boy climbed into her lap.
It wasn't Mommy's lap, but it was almost as good.
"I'm afraid there is no mistake. You are supposed to be
here and your mommy knows it deep down in her heart," the lady said.
The little smeeze boy sighed and laid his head on the lady's leg.
"But she's so sad. It hurts me to see her cry."
"But they knew right from the beginning this would happen."
"That I was sick?"

That surprised the little smudge boy.
No one had ever said anything and he had listened when
they thought he was sleeping.
All he had heard them talk about was how cute he was, or
how fast he was or how big he was getting.
"No, not that you were sick," the lady said.
"But you see, they chose tears."
"No, they didn't," the little smudge boy argued. Who would choose to cry?
The lady gently brushed the top of his head with a kiss.
It made him feel safe and loved and warm - but he still worried about his mommy.

"Let me tell you a story," the lady said.
The little smudge boy looked up and saw other animals gathering around.
They all lay down near the kind lady and looked up at her, waiting.
She smiled at them and began:

A long long time ago, the Loving Ones went to the Angel
in Charge. They were lonesome and asked the Angel to help them.
The Angel took them to a wall of windows and let them
look out the first window at all sorts of things - dolls and stuffed
animals and cars and toys and sporting events. "Here are things
you can love," the Angel said. "They will keep you from being lonesome."
"Oh, thank you," the Loving Ones said. "These are just what we need."
"You have chosen Pleasure," the Angel told them.

But after a time the Loving Ones came back to the Angel in Charge.
"Things are okay to love," they said. "But they don't care that we love them."
The Angel in Charge led them over to the second window. It looked out at all sorts of wild animals. "Here are animals to love," he said. "They will know you love them."
So the Loving Ones hurried out to care for the wild
animals. "You have chosen Satisfaction," the Angel said.

Some of the Loving Ones worked at zoos and wild animal
preserves, some just had bird feeders in their yards, but after a time they
all came back to the Angel in Charge.
"They know we love them," they told the Angel. "But they don't love us back. We want to be loved in return."
So the Angel took them to the third window and showed
them lots of people walking around, hurrying places.
"Here are people for you to love," the Angel told them.
So the Loving Ones hurried off to find other people to love.
"You have chosen Commitment," the Angel said.

But after a time a lot of Loving Ones came back to the
Angel in Charge.
"People were okay to love," they said. "But sometimes
they stopped loving us and left. They broke our hearts."
The Angel just shook his head. "I cannot help you," he said.
"You will have to be satisfied with the choices I gave you."

As the Loving Ones were leaving, someone saw a window
off to one side and hurried to look out.
Through it, they could see puppies and kittens and dogs
and cats and lizards and hamsters and ferrets.
The other Loving Ones hurried over. "What about these?" they asked.
But the Angel just tried to shoo them away.
"Those are Personal Empathy Trainers," he said.
"But there's a problem with their system operations."
"Would they know that we love them?" someone asked.
"Yes," the Angel said.
"Would they love us back?" another asked.
"Yes," the Angel said.
"Will they stop loving us?" someone else asked.
"No," the Angel admitted. "They will love you forever."
"Then these are what we want," the Loving Ones said.
But the Angel was very upset.

"You don't understand," he told them. "You will have to
feed these animals."
"That's all right," the Loving Ones said.
"You will have to clean up after them and take care of them forever."
"We don't care."
The Loving Ones did not listen. They went down to where
the Pets were and picked them up, seeing the love in their own hearts
reflected in the animals' eyes.

"They were not programmed right," the Angel said. "We can't offer a
warranty. We don't know how durable they are. Some of their systems
malfunction very quickly, others last a long time."
But the Loving Ones did not care.
They were holding the warm little bodies and finding
their hearts so filled
with love that they thought they would burst.
"We will take our chances," they said.
"You do not understand." The Angel tried one more time.
"They are so dependent on you that even the most well-made of them is
not designed to out live you. You are destined to suffer their loss."
The Loving Ones looked at the sweetness in their arms
and nodded.
"That is how it should be. It is a fair trade for the
love they offer."

The Angel just watched them all go, shaking his head.
"You have chosen Tears," he whispered.

"So it is," the kind lady told the hammies.
"And so each mommy and daddy knows. When they take a baby into their heart, they know that one day it will leave them and they will cry."
The little smeeze boy sat up. "So why do they take us in?" he asked.
"Because even a moment of your love is worth years of pain later."

The little smudge boy got off the lady's lap and went back to the edge of the pond. His mommy was still there, and still crying.
"Will she ever stop crying?" he asked the kind lady.
She nodded. "You see, the Angel felt sorry for the
Loving Ones, knowing how much they would suffer. He couldn't take the tears away but he made them special."

She dipped her hand into the pond and let the water
trickle off her fingers.
"He made them healing tears, formed from the special water here.
Each tear holds bits of all the happy times
and petting and shared love.
And the promise of love once again.

As your mommy cries, she is healing. It may take a long
while, but the tears will help her feel better. In time she will be less sad
and she will smile when she thinks of you.
And then she will open her heart again to another little baby."
"But then she will cry again one day," the little smeeze
boy said.

The lady just smiled at him as she got to her feet.
"No, she will love again. That is all she will think

"Look," she said. "The butterflies have come. Shall we
go over to play?"
The other animals all ran ahead, but the little smudge
boy wasn't ready to leave his mommy.
"Will I ever get to be with her again?"
The kind lady nodded.
"You'll be in the eyes of every hammy she looks at.
Especially those with dirty smudges on their nose. And late at night, when she's fast
asleep, your spirit will snuggle up close to her and you both will feel at

One day soon, you can even send her a rainbow to tell her you're safe
and waiting here for when it's her turn to come."
"I would like that," the little smudge boy said and took
one long look at his mommy.
He saw her smile slightly through her tears and he knew
she had remembered the time he almost fell off the top of the cage and she had
almost fallen flat on her face to save him
"I love you, Mommy," he whispered. "It's okay if you

He glanced over at the other pets, running and playing
and laughing with the butterflies.
"Uh, Mommy? I gotta go play now, okay? But I'll be
around, I promise."
Then he turned and raced after the others

That's dedicated to all the pets that have been lost. hug
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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Life after her

In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Mon Feb 13, '12 12:49am PST 
Thank you, Rommel and Thor. It truly is. hug
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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Life after her

In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Mon Feb 6, '12 9:18pm PST 
Just posting to say that it was a year as of the 29th or the 28th. I'm not totally sure as my memory isn't what it used to be. That one year mark is one of the hardest milestones you have to pass. I really miss her, even now. I put a rose on her grave just as I did last year. She was truly a good dog, and I miss her even today. If not more than I did last year.

Here's a poem I found online that I feel accurately describes my feelings about her now:
I Miss My Dog.
I miss my dear and faithful friend.
We traveled through the years together,
she and I,
each watching the other grow older.
She was the keeper of my heart-
aware of my ups and downs,
responsive to my needs,
affectionate and true.
My life is different now without her.
It's strange to come home
and not hear her familiar bark,
or see that tail wagging furiously
back and forth--so happy just to see me.
I sitexpecting her to run over and nudge me,
or put her head in my lap,
but, she doesn't come.
She is not there.
This place is not the same without her.
Still, I know that I was lucky to have her for so long.
I keep telling myself that.
But, whenever I feel like it,
I'm going to have myself a good cry,
and I won't be shamed by my tears.
It's the least I can do
to mourn such a loyal and devoted friend.

~Genie Graveline
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Dog Health > "Rant" Why do people wait too long to take their dogs to the vet?

In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Wed Jan 18, '12 2:16pm PST 
I can't say why your friends waited so long as I don't know them or their case, but I can speak for myself.

First of all, I agree that not everyone has a credit card. I will not touch credit cards as I have seen what can happen when one uses them. My mother ruined her credit owning credit cards, and therefore she doesn't have one, either. I have reloadable debit cards, but those require me to actually have the money to use them. (Which is great in that it won't ruin my credit) So, no, not everyone does have credit cards.

I do know, however, that many vets will work out payment plans with you. Last year, shortly after Cinnamon passed away... Lilo turned up sick. Gosh, I was terrified. There's nothing scarier than watching one of your beloved dogs pass away, only to have to realize another is sick a few months later. I was so scared that I'd lose Lilo. And I admit, we didn't have the money to take her to the vet at the time. There's no way I would have waited two weeks knowing she was sick, but I was afraid of the bill regardless. We actually got her to the vet the instant we noticed. Tests were ran and we found out the treatment would be about $600. We would have had it had it happened earlier in the month, but being so late in? We didn't. So, we did wait a few days, I'll admit. She wasn't deathly ill, however, so maybe our scenario is a bit different than a dog who is obviously deathly ill. Still, we did eventually find a vet that was willing to work out payments. We had to pay $100 every other week, but we got her to the vet, got her treatment, and eventually paid it off. Not all vets demand the money then and there. It helped, though, that we knew the vet and the vet knew us (as it was Ninja's vet).

I do often beat myself up over not taking Cinnamon to the vet the day she passed. My family keeps telling me over and over again that it's survivors guilt, but I still wish I would have noticed. She had been "off" that morning. I wanted so badly to take her to a vet when we got home, and did call the emergency vet. But by then, it was too late as she'd already went into shock and was already slipping away. To this day, I keep wondering what would have happened had I noticed that morning. The point is, in many cases it isn't neglect. That morning, Cinnamon hadn't been throwing up, hadn't had bloody stools, hadn't showed any signs that she was going to slip away from us that afternoon. She was listless, but she was a very nervous dog generally speaking, so that listlessness went right past us because we were used to it from her. It wasn't a case of not caring that prevented her from seeing a vet that morning, it was a case of not realizing just how bad the symptoms were. Once again, though, I can't say if that was the case with your friends as I don't know just how bad off their dog was before he passed.
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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Dogs grieving dogs
In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Sun Jan 8, '12 10:23pm PST 
Our dogs all mourned Cinnamon in their own ways. Meepster took it the hardest. He was always closest to her. He was closer in size to her than the others (even though there were still many pounds apart) other than Lilo and she was always the only one that would rough house with him. After she passed, he would try to rough house with the other dogs and they wouldn't have it. It broke my heart every day. He'd walk around looking so lost and that would just make it hit me all over again. He'd walk around the house, ears down, tail tucked and spent most of his time just lying in the living room, staring. My best advice is to just keep things normal. Let your dogs, all of them, deal with their grief normally, but don't change anything. And if you need to cry (and I know you will), don't be afraid to grab the dogs and mourn with them. I was mostly inconsolable after losing Cinnamon. No matter who tried to hug me, or who told me it would be okay, or who told me it was okay to cry - I wouldn't hug back or listen. The only one that could console me was Sandy. I would sit on my bed every night for months and just cry into her fur. I still do sometimes. But other than that, I didn't change anything. I kept their routines. I fed them at the same time, walked them at the same time, played with them at the same time, and allowed them to grief in their own ways. Don't be afraid to give extra attention. In the end, Meepster got through his grief. It took him longer than the other dogs, but he did. And him and the other dogs helped me through mine. That's one of the reasons I will always have more than one dog. Because they will be there for you when another passes on. I can't imagine going through the grief without them.
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