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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!
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Barked: Sat Jun 1, '13 6:41pm PST 
hughugFLicka,OK,ALL Storm affectedhughug

Lord As if my week couldnt get any worse,Just seeomg this!shrug PLEASE BE CAreful with cleanup & all. YOU/YOURS are what is MOST impt to your family & friends.As well as for all our Buhens family having issues & goings on.cry

Thanking Gdo you are ok out there. lines cutting off. Surrounding all here with our love and prayer as ever and then some.flowers Thakful too for GOOD news big and small.hail

hugLove you all beyond words. my recent post not here, evrything topsy turvy. Stay SAFE, WELL and STRONG!!!!!meditate Dont Give Up the Ship....

hughughugALL our Buhens Familyhughughug
dog Rock Barkin' SOLID!dog
Love you all and thanks to ALL for EVERYthing. You keep us going and are held closely each day.big hug
meditateHealth/Healing,Safety, Peace,Protection,Love & Joymeditate
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!
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Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 9:17pm PST 
Whew finally got logged in. Stick post stick...
dogsnoopycloud 9hamster danceSUPERDaddyClarkhi5snoopyhappy dancedog
hughughugMom,Sully & your very Dear Friend Billhughughug

Beyond wonderful news to read for you!!! Sorry Mom L Hope knee eases soon. All REST HEAL....ALL Our Love& Prayers with you.kissing

dogpartywelcome Welcome Home & ot the Buhens Pack Ernie!welcomesnoopyblue dog
Burt keep shwoing him the ropes Big Bro.dog Pawrents rest and soon look back at all the "fun" transitions.flowers

big hug Hugs PAW & Love for all the Gang & your families.meditate
hugFor all Owies, pains and other woeshug

We're holding on sunny but very breezy day here. thankfully here Daddyo feeling better from the stomach bug. I am bit run down but is what is. Stopped in to See the gang at Animal Hospital emotional teary visit but good to see them,long overdue. Dropped off card as was Doc BD this weekend(Poppas too)and some goodies for Big Luca his Dane the Mama cat but forgot the bird treats for Bs "deranged" Quaker pal. He loved Bren and the office manager and figured after awhiel I wasnt scared but respectful so just watched me.little angel Oh & drop off some Poop too,bol.laugh out loud Darla going in Thurs for quick check and pick up her frontline and Hartguard.

Our for fun...dearest Gooden heart Darla aka DogMOther Florence Nightendog had interesting late late night foray the other night. She was in far dark corner nor minding DaddyO. He came in so I joked so you walk awaay what if something goes after her? The dumpster from next rdoor in htat area behind fence. Welll I get over there in dark and see Huge grey thing & Darla over it. there was a BIG mother I am thinking, Possum. Huge 20lb+ Housecat size & wider than darla! I thought was really dead & she was there MOTHERing it, licking it and poking it near midnight!!! I know she didnt would never kill even an ant truly so worried more of it was sick or if hurt by other animal it biting her. Thankfully I got her to mind ME quickly she was so concerned for it I felt bad scolding her after. I tried to rouse it to no avail really thought it was dead.confused It didnt respond to anything. well I kept going out as couldnt sleep anyway and several hours later it was fianlly gone thank dog. Poor thing but glad it didnt "awaken" and bite while being groomed & whinged over by our beloved little Miss Ghamdi here.puppy We went to an AMer legion fundraiser dinner sat night with my youngest sis on last minute. +SUnday did a bit then zonked.

hugExtra Love,Healing & Prayers for all Up in Beantown at Marathon. They come there from all over the WOrld to run, each with worried families at home.hug Darkness & crazies cant really Win... WE the Good folks far outweigh the bad!!! The evil psychos just want us to think they can. LOVE winsrainbow
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!

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Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 4:52pm PST 

Sheep to the screw ups. Zips my beak lets Miss D Poke away.:O) So glad Brother coming in. Sully Daddy will be home soon. Mom take care of YOU too pleasae.You are surrounded with ALL our love & Prayers every day!flowers
As are all our beloved Buhens Gang-Rock Solid!!!! As Poppa taught us it aint over til its over and Never Give In! I

Thanks for all you love & continued supprt. Were haning in and day by day. I have had bd few weeks but uit happens & hitting me as it does and will in it own ways and times. As you know NOthing I do is "normal" way ,bol.wink DaddyO is having tough go as well. Darla is haning in and feels it too. SHe looks for him and espcially when she sees S she foesnt want her to leave. SHe ran to his room when she heard his voice on video poor grrl. This pasr week I (Mom)have been VERY bad with my Spasticity as it will caused severe "strangled"vocal chords and pain/muscle spasms. So no voice and spazzed out to type read properly. It is just a more prolonged episode as happpens not much can do. I saw my NEuro PA fri but just have to take it as it comes/goes.

Ao not much got done and much still needs doing gah months behind and mind getting foggy Grief brain they call it! Learning new ways day to day and cant control tings this "trip through the Valley" is showing us.=smile A tough one for me and others I think xaN relate to is control and wantingn things/oirdselves "just so", to have answers.wink SO sad My Drs PA is leaving Neuro office. she is a true GEM and will be missed ALOT by so many. The new Dr getting her is very lucky. Pray our new PA is decent whenever they find one.

I have not forgotten anyone EVER. Please know our hearrts prayes and love are with each of you and your families. We all have so much going on human and furred Our PAw & prayers with you ALL. I thought I posted for EaSter Pesach andSPring but guess it didnt take. We send tones of love and Blessings to all!hug

I iwll check in for updates! Had alot trouble trying to log in for days. TIy can email me if easier to keep us in loop and lessen load on the messenger! Just know we ARE WITH YOU!!!! Candles lit and prayers all around workd with you.kissing

big hug Stay strong and Together we all help each other carry!!! Whether on here or away hearts/spirits are connected ALWAYS!!meditate

Eta eek an adorable living Ernie!!!!! I dreamt of Goldens several times now I know why what a vutie!!dog
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!

♥- DarlaMae - ♥

I Am- Iron Nose- !
Barked: Fri Dec 28, '12 7:48pm PST 
hughug:|Buhenshug:|hug Boo to all the sad tidings but extra tons of hugs and love for all.you are each a true blessing to us,thank YOU ALL!flowers

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!kissing Stressful and pooped to say least. we are all still breathing so that is good right?winkJk but yes we are all still here which is good despite our many losses here in our Buhens family support beyond compare.big hug Seems all have tons of sheep going on. As ever all our love. Apparently my Christmas day post is like life lately just not sticking together well.confused Extra hugs for all. NAnny visiting 2 days so quick post for me,bol. Weather stinks m ore ont the way whooppe not. Be SAFE!!

As Flicka posted, We too saying that Christmas is SEASON,always has been for us,not just One day. The Christmas "Quiet mass" for grieveing sick or hurting folks I went to was nice and glad I went and was said there as wellsmile Pre Christmas is Advent or to many Shoppping madness.frown As said Christmas/Yuletide is until Candlemas(feb 2 which is also Grampa Ds Deaprted Dads Bd/groundhog day too. We too keep decorations up at least until Little Christmas(Three Kings/Epiphany) Jan 6th. Lomger this yr as not pushing anything & DaddyO pushed too far doing what he did. We do appreciate the color,we need it & heck we;ll see how it goes. depite the blahs we did it for B as he loved it and got his own Light tree,daddyO special, on his BR wall.little angel BEST Christmas gift we saw S and her family she is despeertatly depressed and we missed her so much. meditate: Lots here down with the flu ohter bugs,cross paws we do not get as 3 plus we were with over Christmas have come down with it and neither of us up to that.confused

dogOOPPS got adfternoon .....GOOD news from Dr. I have followup 6 weeks Cardio NO BLOCKAGES!!! I DO have Arrythmias/ohter beat issues/ to be monitored. Hhowever he does NOT want to pile meds on which I say thank dog!Life has been hell I now can say for weeks and so much going on truly one thing after the other and B just sstarting iot hit me. My eldest brothers scre and stents slapped some sense into upping my appts. I will have followup blloddwork office visit within 6 weeks. I had BAD pains,which lessesne and never left but worse with ANY stress. Combo of our horrendous loss, my nrhealth issues,home remodeling Super storms and the Non stop adrenaline surge te origin now just winding down so body said boo!.

I really pushed my envelope as I Had to keep things going and ran out of line. I waited too long and went on the "better" of things not smart of me but I am VERY LUCKY.silenced Do NOT play around folks and keep working on taking care of yourselves please. Ipromised I will call for anything and never put off. Stress is BAD and we all have far too much even with de stressing methods can overwhelm us . I LOVe the Cardio group there Front end and back big anf small so NICe big Plus.way to go I and DaddyO are VERY Tireed and I am still heavy winded even with meds . I will try to get some rest as days wind down and continue to work thtough grief/stressors. Deep sheep.

Love you all so much! Stay STRONG CArry on and TAKE CARE of YOU!!!!!!!!
As I was told recently by a Sage counselor, here is a sentence we can say to OURselves for people/things that hurt us even those done/said even unmeaningly. kitty "Thanks for caring(doing)..."Sheep" you for sharing!puppy
For whatever the "BAD: thing , said silently or loudly when alone out of earshot of said stressors whatever they may be!puppy

Sending LOVE and PAw for all. Night off for some needed sleep I pray.kissing
Pop in more I really need it an have to get schedule.
hugSleep Tight Gang.... HANG In there!!!hug

Heavy duty IronNose pokes to all who need things/folks put inlinedancingbig laugh

OH Dang fireworks going off NIGht after last storm wed night and no sleep for us few days. Poor Darla does not need these idiots. More to come Next week for New yrs. We too quiet night home and Honeymooners on TV is kawyas good for us insomniac night owls. DO ENJOY the lovely dinner out!!dog

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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!

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I Am- Iron Nose- !
Barked: Sun Dec 16, '12 7:24pm PST 
Sooo much I am feeliong and want to say to each but jumbled. I Love you ALL and ALWAYS in my heart & prayers each day. Lots been going on here too in our family & extended on top of our beloved boy.little angel We will get through & have NOT forgoteen anyone at all.kissing

So very sorry and sad hearing of all the losses of beloved ones and struggles each are going through. ENOUGH I cry out for us all. NOONE can know what is going on for others minds or lives really. We all can do is TRY to be good, help where we can and pray for each other, yeah even those who vex us. No blame as it does nothing but turn our pain to extreme hurt against ourselves helping noone. Uggh well know itfrown ALL Our extra love & prayer surround each of you. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones best you can,easier sad than done I know.flowers

May this Beautiful Season of Light,Love & Hope to so many Faith Backgrounds and Spiritual traditions NOT be turned to hate and Darkness!rainbow Darkness did NOT win as I said for our B and others. It only does if we LET it! I Say HArd POKES and SHEEP to that Darkenss and evil for that is what it wants us to give up and believe!dog No matter How HARD it is to say & do I repeat it over and over again day after day!big hug

LIVE LIFE - Continue to LOVE! It is what we owe Our loved ones and All! Sadly the price of that love is ultimately loss,we know not when.cry Yeah it sucks so badly. So blessed to have it for LOVE cannot DIE!
hugYou ALL are LOVED & I WIsh You All Peace in Every way!hug

We are with you in Heart & Spirit each step of they way. Without you all we could NOT have made it this far & step forward to the days ahead!dog walk
OK Not quite running but INSPIRES ME To carryon.wink A chuckle as I have my Cardio appt Wed.

hughughugBuhens One & ALLhughughug

dogROCK SOLID FOREVER!dog Hope My rusty skills work.

hugflowersROCK SOLID SUPPORT & LOVEflowershug

Sleep tight this rainy night.....

big hugLight to Ease the Darknessbig hug
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!
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Barked: Sat Nov 17, '12 6:02pm PST 
hug:xoxo: Beloved Friendskissing FIrstly THANKS beyond words to you all for your ongoing, love, prayers and support. It truly is extremely appreciated and keeps us going.flowers Our hearts and prayers are here with you all each day truly. I will try to pop in as I can! A VEry ROugh week and lots of added family thing gone on. It has been on going stressors and the house work since our beloved passing etc taking a toll, our own grief hitting us,more recntly for me especially . the ongoing house fix/mess on hold for a bit and strom left yard even more a wreck. We lost power and heat food gas yard fence damages but lucky ones. the devastating Hurricane and Nor'easter here our LLs family hit hard and our old neighborhood i Lindenhurst and closest friends house nearly destroyed many lost all sadly and still suffering.cry Cecil had to head norhtshore to AUbtue E;s and Author BILs in his Budgie condo. We missed him terribly but far too cold in house for him. The nephews and Sis/BIL miss him alot. They played classical music for him during day. I was afraid they would hold him hostage,bol.little angel

However in the destroyed Rockaways,Our old family home ground so to speak,the "forgotten Borough", I recently saw a pic that my Grams house(actually she had apt fist floor of very OLD house) wa still standing! It had huge chunk of the Historic Boardwalk in her front garden and covered in sand & cars an dothr things slammed about! it made me laugh through tears and the many memories there for our family and so many others.cloud 9 It is a war zone there. thanks to the Surf comunity and local FDNY NYPD fianlly got some bit of help. We jokingly await a lowered elcetric and gas bill,bol, but know the future brings astronomic raises to our alrady high level rates. SO much around here on the Island, LOng Beach and there fell off radar, Zips lip.confused PEOPLE helping people best we can.

hughugDixie & famhughug Our prayers and love surround you all! You ALWAYS do the very best Parent never question that!big hug we hold you closer than close dear friends.

little angelSocksylittle angel Dear grrl so sad to hear your passing. You are loved beyond measure and had only the best with your loving family. You are love by us all here as well. rainbowKNOW our B was there with you and helped on your crossing dear Angel.rainbow

hughugkissingMom,Dad,Sullykissinghughug ALL Our love & prayers surround you dear friends,no word just love.

welcome;cWelcome Maiyah and Tricklecheerwelcome Just what we all need lots of Puppy love and happy tails to hear all about!cloud 9

little angelHappy Birthday Rockylittle angel You are loved forever! All our love to your wonderful family & Contined Paw for you all too!kissing

cheerHappy woofday Haydencheer Have a furtastic year.

hugAnnieMomhug Hope you are on the mend! I got my appt for Dec iwht cardiologist. Brohter just had 2 stents put in this week sudden pains brught on by the loss and glad they caugh it. So you got me on the list!wink

hugFlicka& Lucashug Thanks for updating and your check in with us/for us here. Hugs for Dads anniv. Take care of you too.big hug

All our love,PAw & prayers for all.kissing So good seeing all the loving pals here! We will be back...NEVER left ALWAYS in heart ALWAYS!!!!!dog
WIshing all a Happy Thanksgiving early!dog My mind is really gone and do not rust to do so at all hehe. We have much to be grateful for even in our deepest darkest days. You ALL are at tops, our family of the heart!hi5

kissingALL WILL BE WELL & All WILL get through-Buhens!! No matter what life hits us with.kissing

Thanks heaven for my Irish roots and being able to live on/love my Tea,Soup and bisquits endlessly almost.big laugh I had to put that down,just like my beloved Angel Gram as they always said I am!smile Off for a hot soak and praying for a LONG deep overdue sleep!kitty
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!

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I Am- Iron Nose- !
Barked: Tue Aug 14, '12 9:36am PST 
wave Morning all. HOpe all having a good day. Hectic here and LAndlord fianlly called this AM. Waiting for DaddyO to get back from his appt so I know what was said. Sending lots of love & PAW for all.kissing

hugIronMumhug Hope your appt gives some help. Really upsetting no help but he is the best and will surely try to work out something for you I am sure.big hug DO not do too much in the "cool" temps as It is still hot and know you are buggy toget things done.

hugAnnie&Momhug SO sorry about Sunny NAd TeddiBear. Pretty sure I know who you mean will have to check, Thanks for the goodies much appreciated and good medicine.laugh out loud

hugSArge,Momhug HOpe they can work things out and agree that might be part of their "stress" and hurriyng about. We all here Sure understand stress too much. GL woth PT and do think the medicine change can make you feel more pain.:F

Have a good week all. Remaking my hair appt hopefully by Fri.
party HAppy BD to all!party Lots of LEo babies, DaddyO is as well.dog

meditateCalling for more rain,pray it is light.meditate
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!

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Barked: Sun Aug 12, '12 5:34pm PST 
wave Eveniong Gang!! I thought I posted yesterday AM but not here,my fault though. Very stressful few days around here. WE had horrid storms come through Friday. The Sunroom leaked everyewhere windows ceiling and some areas hwere room seams to addon are (orig windows for exmple). floods all around from deluge and small small tornadic activity too not here thankfully. SOOO much got wet(coaches stereo rishihg to save irreplaceable pictures and um[lug things. an needless to dssay in adrenaline rush trying to SAve things wound up low all "hurting" and post rush let down knocked for a real loop. No adrenaline junkie here.laugh out loud We are waiting for LL to DO Something. I pray it does not rain heavy abytime soon but it WILL I know. Yes Darla was sooo empbarrased when she fell I felt so bad. as they way she did it and that long abck short legs really took her off balance too. Poor baby.

Shoot Hurricane season here is more Sept/Oct here then Fall winter storms,NOr'Easters and snow ahead which I shall nort mention again anytome soon.silenced so we are exhausted and VERY miffed * hope for BIG sleep tomoght. I want ot find closing ceremonies for Olympics I missed.confused I have to reschedule my hair for later this week as couldn;t make it in the deluge & she is off Mon/Tues with slow days. ALL Our Love & PAW for all.kissing Stay SAFE & WELL Please.big hug

hughughug:M Buhens ALLmeditatehughughug
Catch all tomm and Have a GOOD weeK!

Ps: Enjoy the COLD Flicka!big hug
Ahh yes I remember living in SW Fl one of there record breaking hottest summer that year of humid 100 days/nights. NO AC just fans....Crazy SICK!!!! SO yes 90"ishes" is cool after 10o pluses! I remember B around -23 yrs old telling Poppa he was COLD when we came up that summer & put little jacket on When it was 85ish*!laugh out loud Thins the blood too! I don;t think I have ever regained full thick NY blood since. However I can't tolerate the humdidity well at all anymore either.big laugh I LOVE Fall though my fave time of year alwasy! Hoping it is a long comfy colorful one.cloud 9
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!

♥- DarlaMae - ♥

I Am- Iron Nose- !
Barked: Fri Aug 10, '12 9:14am PST 
wave Morning Gang! BAD storms heading our way so quick post Akk. I have haircut this afternoon so hope storms go through quickly. SIL having surgery ths AM In NYC,yesterday was her 60th Bd too.party The Water Authority coming to install new meters so have to wait for them a well since they need access to basement. Darla fell off the front stoop last night thankfully ok but shook us both up. She went to backup to sit down and tumbled off side.confused Darla was goomg to go in for her rabies shot with Brother yesterday but he postponed it until next week. They have a puppy really sick with Lepto and parvo poor thing and and elderly dog came in for mail trim who wound up being dehydrated and sent over to ER hospital. He saw it panting badly and said has he had water lately? Younng people said no not for awhile his temp was 106*. Needless to say B was very upset when he came home & hope he was ok. Funny about the Reare end issue I can only remember our Vets old and new NOT take temp very often. The specialist Vet assistant did take her temp though when we were there.

LOVe that new site Flicka!
AbbySarge glad R is having good time and soon home.cheer
Annie hope your visit went well and Mom feeling better each day!
S&S hope you are getting some relief from humidity.
Posse lots of love for you all. Are the little ones getting ready for school shopping yet?

HOpe all have a good day and appts went well for all.kissing
Back later weather allowing!dog walk Need to shut down comp

hughugbig hug Buhens Here & Awaymeditatehughug
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Party Time & Virtual Play Dates > The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!
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Barked: Wed Aug 8, '12 8:49pm PST 
wave Night all. I had horrid time trying to post witth Not responding and Red alert pages. They are doing Mosquito sprying here tonight. They call last evening to alert. There have been several cases of West Nile in human and in Mosquitos since SPring. Thye are really horrid here this year and we have nto gone out/stayed out much at night so far.confused Last night I thought Darla was locked outside or something> I looked all over house for her(ALWAYsy near me). I finally found her 130 am sleeping upstairs BR out like a light,seemed like ages she was lost but only few minutes looking.puppy Uggh DaddyO has DMV tomm for licence,and some other renewals. I just remembered it is the LAte opening day. He thought he could go down first thing in AM.

Hope you get out to the Fair this weekend hugSargeMom & Dadhug. Th Riverfront really sounds nice and glad they have fixed it up for all to use.smile Hope the eyes feel better & PT going well. I have to say Allergies acting up again alot for us(Myself & Daddyo ) and Darla of late. So might be a flareup for Sarge & Abby too.hug

hugAnnieMomhug Keep keeping on. AS Said entitled to feel as you do,good days and the not so good days.flowers We all here understand very much. Our best your all your gang.big hug Hope No more baths for you too soon sweetie,bol.

hugFlicka & famhug SO sad and sorry about the dryed up garden and all your hard work.cry Yes we saw today on news it is Historic Record breaking year for heat and all the Dry areas. Stay safe and well as can be. HOpe errands went well as possible for you,not easy. Our hearts & prayers are with all suffering the heat & fires.meditate Omd don;t want to think of freezing and ice yet, akk. After this crazy Non-winter,Hot spring and Summer I dare not ponder it too much.laugh out loud

hugS&Shug Stay cool & feel better friends. Thanks,Yes we to have heard of the MDMr1 gene in past being a herding mix. Darla does have issue with certain meds and anesthesia but ok with Heartguard,knockwood. It is good to get tested if you have that option available.way to go It seems he will be ok as he has used it with out isuue to date it seems. We all worry I know,agree if the other medicine is available/affordable you do what you feel is best for you all.big hug

hugPosse,Jenna,Pearls,Scoots,River and ALL the Buhens ganghug

Have a good night/ Thursday pals. Lots of PAW for the Dr Appts and all goings onkissing I really Need to get my haircut this week,note to self/ call Ana tomm.way to go ineed to upload some New DOD pics I couldn't witht the freeze up aggravating will try again tomm. Sleep tight.... BE WELL!!! snoopy
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