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Why is it that someone takes a dog from a owner that has been known for a good dog person? I was my moom's world. When is it time to let go of that special Boy that someone choice to steal? 6 years is a long time but it seems like yesterday. My mom is so unhappy. I pray every day for someone to locate me as I want to go home. My micro chipped and my name is Bear. I am, a red headed tri and I like to chew on 'metal" objects. safty pins, paper clips. I hate water and cats. My mom had gotten me a girlfriend that was coming she had such good plans for me. She even got arrested for trying to get me home. We have advertised and begged and tried in more ways than you can ever imagine to find me. My spot under my desk has a corgi now but it is not me. That lady me that day across the street from me who I believe is the one. She locked me up and then sent me someplace. She shipped him away and I so want to see my mom again. I am a very spunky boy with lots of love but will take a mark on your couch if you do not watch me.
If anyone ever adopts a corgi please always have them checked by the vet for a micro chip. They might belong to someone that misses them. That woman that took me got arrsted a year or so later for keeping over 65 dogs in her two bedroom house and called herself a Boxer Rescue. She took me away. I know I am with someone that must love him very much. I watch search daily for her. I love to go for car rides. If I just know she knows I am okay. Well this will be my last post and hope that we have someone get a chip read. His 4414072B44 is in my mind always!
Thank you for letting me post.
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