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Choosing the Right Dog > Help me... I need a dog


aka Princess- Tiffy
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '07 10:48am PST 
have you considered a rescue dog as your first pet?

You will have the backup of the shelter and perhaps be able to get the type of dog or cross type of those you like, and will be a great introduction to life with a pooch big grin
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Bull Terrier > Spreading Love to the Bullies

aka Princess- Tiffy
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '07 8:54am PST 
dancing I have a mini bully and have had standards in the past dancing

Life without a bully is a dull one cheer
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Miniature Bull Terrier > hello


aka Princess- Tiffy
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '07 8:52am PST 
wave any more mini bullies out there cheer
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New to Dogster/Tips & Tricks > Hello from us


aka Princess- Tiffy
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '07 8:51am PST 
wave hello we are new to teh Dogster pack and would like to introduce ourselves, I am Susie Ilive in East Sussex UK and am owned by my little Miniature Bull Terrier named Tiffany also known as Princess Tiffy - We look forward to meeting you all as we go around the forum big grin

Susie and Princess Tiffy cheer
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Choosing the Right Dog > Please Tell Me About Bull Terriers


aka Princess- Tiffy
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '07 8:42am PST 
wave hello I am new to this site and after reading this thread felt someone who has eexperince of this fantastic breed needed to respond wink

I am owned by a miniature bull terrier and have owned standard bull terriers in the past - I would just like to point out that I know very few bullies who are dog aggresive all of mine have always had dog friends and played off lead in the park with a variety of other breeds big and small, I believe that any dog who is not socialised around other dogs will become dog aggresive - also not allowing your puppy to show respect to older dogs is also a great start to dog aggression - for instance how many times do you see a puppy lower his head when he meets another dog and the owner thinks he/she is scared or shy so pulls puppy by collar to lift its head to say hello - the puppy isn't scared or shy just doing what is normal and bowing head in respect, the owner forcing dogs head up is allowing the pup to suggest to older dog that he/she is actually the one who should be respected thus older dog gives aggresive response to put pup in its place - as owners do not understand the body langauge the puppy grows up thinking he is the more dominant and should be respected - think about it, it does make sense. If you socialise a young puppy with other dogs as soon as he can go out off lead if possible in a safe enviroment the pup will learn how to interact with other dogs and will learn valuable lessons for the rest of its life so long as owners to not intervene and pick the pup up or move it away should he be told off by other dogs the pup needs telling off to learn good doggy manners.

Bull Terriers and Mini's are superb dogs to own, yes they can be stubborn and bull headed, they are extreamly funny and very faithful, they love human company and are quite happy to lounge on the sofa with you or walk for miles, so long as they are with you thats all they care about, they love to play, playing is what each day is for, they love to get into mischief and dare you laugh at them they will have the last laugh as they will continue to do anything that makes you laugh - they are extreamly intelligent and can learn new tricks as long as you are consistent and patient, and at the end of the day love nothing more then snuggling under the duvet with you laugh out loud

Health wise, yes, there are problems but no more than most breeds and with careful choice of breeders you should have a bully who lives to be 12 years +

Bull Terriers are fun dogs to be around, they always manage to make you smile even when they are extreamly naughty its just teh way they are - they love children people and other dogs and cats to if bought up with them all properly laugh out loud

not sure if I am allowed to link but will anyway
this site has a whole heap of info on health in bull terriers and mini bull terriers

owned by Princess Tiffy cheer
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