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hey, look at me,- look at me!!!!!
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All of these responses from everyone have all shared valid points. However I just wanted to add my suggestions. I do not think you should put your dog to sleep. There are many classes and one on one training sessions that can help create a better state of mind for your dog while teaching you how to have better control. Just look for dog trainer in you area. You can Also watch the "Dog Whisperer." Although I am not sure if it airs where you are at. If so watch it, there might be many helpful tips for you. Along with reading his book Cesars Way. The thing is with your situation is their is a lack of leadership within your home, and your dog feels that he is the pack leader therefore when you say he "protects" you, he is actually dominating you, and that is not a good thing. You need to establish your self as the leader. You will probably need to start with the basics of cesars philiospohy and work from there. You can also write cesar through his chat room, just go to his web site, I dont know the actual website, however just do a google search for cesar milan. At designated times he will answer peoples questions online.
I used all of these techniques and my dog has really come a long way. Hope that helps!! Good luck.
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