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Behavior & Training > My "poor"
Cobain ADC,- SGDC, CGN

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Mon Apr 7, '14 2:25pm PST 
I agree with Cohen and JT on this one as well.
My preference when the leash is on that the dogs walk properly.
That means no pulling, no sniffing, and no defecating or marking.

With Rigby that means walking in a heel because she's got fear issues. It seems to help her when she's totally focused on me opposed to worrying about other people/dogs. With Cobain it simply means no pulling as he's never had a problem with passerbys.

However, they get a pile of off-leash work as well. So to them, the leash means to behave. I'm sure if I did not have the opportunity to allow them such ample off-leash work, my methods and preferences would change.
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Behavior & Training > help dog park menace: the herder
Cobain ADC,- SGDC, CGN

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Fri Mar 28, '14 10:52am PST 
My Border Collie has never played well with other dogs. He's either herding them or he's ignoring them.
Which is why we only visit off-leash hiking areas and not actual dog parks.

First I would start teaching a solid "leave it" and recall. I wouldn't go back to the dog park without those two. Most dog owners that aren't well versed in herding dogs will see your dog's behaviour as aggressive - which in typical dog park clique fashion can cause issues for all involved.

Second I would see if there's any way you can provide an outlet for his herding drive. Herding itself would be best, however I realize that's often hard to come by especially in cities. There's also a newer sport called Treiball where the dogs would utilize their herding drive on exercise balls. Or even just something to make Blue use his brain. Agility, obedience, Rally-O, flyball etc. Physical exercise is only half the battle with herding breeds. They thrive off of working and having to think. Herding dogs that aren't provided with mental stimulation typically tend to make their own work - in this case, it could be that Blue is simply herding the dogs as he would cattle/sheep as a "job"
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Behavior & Training > What do you make of this behavior?

Cobain ADC,- SGDC, CGN

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Sat Mar 22, '14 5:44am PST 
Is this triggered by people coming and going specifically, or just by the door itself?

If it's just triggered by the door, this can be easily worked on by yourself at home.

What I would suggest is training Cookie to go to a mat and sit. Once he's going to his mat reliably, work in a stay command with varying lengths of time.
As that becomes solidified, start in small steps working toward opening the door while having him in a stay on the mat.
For example:
- Put the mat within sight of the door. Send Cookie to the mat, then go touch the door handle. If he stays still, come back praise and release.
Build that up, slowly, to opening the door. Make sure he is sitting/laying on the mat until you come back to release him.

This way, Cookie learns that when the door is opened, he is to go sit quietly on his mat (or crate, or whichever you opt to use).
You can integrate others into this process by asking a friend to knock on the door for a "visit" and explain to them the process you are working. In this situation they wouldn't come into the house or leave the house until Cookie was sitting quietly on the mat.
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Puppy Place > New Puppy!!

Cobain ADC,- SGDC, CGN

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Wed Mar 19, '14 12:44pm PST 
Ahhh so cute! Love the name big grin
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Behavior & Training > Dogs who are breedist

Cobain ADC,- SGDC, CGN

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Fri Mar 7, '14 10:12am PST 
I have a few trains of thought on this.
Could be a body language thing that was experienced in the first instance. Something that a human may not necessarily have picked up on, and since then Moose has taken it to mean that for some reason *all* Yellow Lab pups will do this. Or perhaps it's a physical thing. The posture combined with the light colour?
Or maybe it's just the typical bouncy, goofy, Lab puppy behaviour and Moose finds it off-putting?

Heck, he could be picking up on something you're unintentionally giving off. Now that you know young yellow labs are a trigger, it's quite possible that you begin to tense up as the pup is approaching to prepare for Moose's reaction. Moose feels that you're tensing up around the time the lab shows up. As this plays on it becomes an automatic response for the both of you. So even if you don't see the lab he thinks "oh we usually tense up when these dogs come by."

I've seen it within my own dogs and GSDs. Now 3 out of 4 of my dogs have had bad experiences with GSDs. But because of this, I am now on high alert when I see one. So even if my dogs were long past the event, I was still subconsciously reeling them in and sending off signals that my dogs were picking up on and in turn reacting accordingly. Once I stopped focusing on the "what ifs" as the dog approached and kept a relaxed - but quick - demeanor, my dogs nearly stopped responding to those dogs altogether.

Who knows. shrug

Then again, I can't say I like everyone I meet, and I do find certain personalities very off-putting. Not to the point I'd pounce on them to make them shut up laugh out loud but we've all got our buttons right?
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Behavior & Training > best brand of Frisbee?
Cobain ADC,- SGDC, CGN

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Thu Feb 20, '14 4:02pm PST 
I purchased 2 of the Jawz discs last year and love them. Worth every penny.

What I did find though was that different colours have different thresholds. My black one (Rigby's) is full of visible little dents from teeth - still very useable and in good condition, just aesthetic. Whereas the blue one (Cobain's) is free from any marks. Cobain has a much stronger mouth and plays tug much more often with the disc.

As for the Soflite, while I'm sure it will fly great and stand up to some rough usage, I don't think it would stand up to a lot of tug.
With Mozart being a smaller dog though, it may last longer.
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Behavior & Training > Is there another dog forum we can ALL move to?

Cobain ADC,- SGDC, CGN

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Fri Jan 17, '14 5:37am PST 
My issue with Facebook is that there isn't the organization that Dogster and other forums have.
I fear it would get cluttered and we would easily lose the "topics" that we were discussing.

On top of that, even though I am technically breaking that rule already...but there is an option on Facebook to report an account solely because it is a "pet" account.

Obviously though for the time being, there's not much of another option, unless we can figure a substitute out before March.
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Behavior & Training > Is there another dog forum we can ALL move to?

Cobain ADC,- SGDC, CGN

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Thu Jan 16, '14 6:59pm PST 
Dogster has influenced my life in so many ways, I have learned much and made some lasting connections. And while I can't say I'm shocked to see this happening, I am saddened.

I would love to be able to continue having the same sort of layout as Dogster - with the different dog profiles, to share the back story of each.

I found this site: which has both the forums and groups. It's nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as Dogster appears, but I'm sure it works just fine.

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Choosing the Right Dog > This breed is for "experienced dog owners only"?

Cobain ADC,- SGDC, CGN

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Sat Jan 4, '14 9:23am PST 
The way I interpret this is that certain breeds are either not very forgiving when it comes to training errors, or they are hard-headed/stubborn when it comes to training in general.

Labradors, for example, are widely toted as "beginner" dogs because they are so forgiving. Not necessarily because they are easy, but if you screw up or if you are inexperienced they can work with your learning.
Whereas with a breed such as a Border Collie, you train them once, and regardless of how "easy" they are to train, they will stick to what they know and it's difficult to back track. If they find out something is scary, it's going to be a task to prove to them otherwise.

In my opinion though, as long as you're prepared for the good, bad, and absolute ugly of the breed, any dog could theoretically be alright for a less experienced owner.
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Choosing the Right Dog > Worried no other dog will live up to her...
Cobain ADC,- SGDC, CGN

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Fri Jan 3, '14 4:20pm PST 
The only issue I have with the dog to children comparison, is really how often do parents outlive their children to such an extent that we do our dogs?
Throughout our lives we are not constantly maintaining a balance of a certain number of children we can viably care for in our lives (well most of us aren't). Sure they grow up and move on, but they are still present in our lives.

Whereas with a dog, there is no grow up and move on. There is no contact, no lunch dates, no holidays spent. Only memories and pictures.

With that said, I do understand the point you're making.
Dogs are just as individuals as humans. Each with their own personalities. No two dogs are entirely identical - especially when it comes to their unique selves.
To compare two dogs, to have one attempt to "live up" to another dog would be unfair to both you and the new dog.

It's something I know I am going to have a difficult time grasping once the time comes with Cobain, as he approaches 8 years old... For me, I would love to get a second chance with him. While he is truly my "heart" dog, I was young, inexperienced, and perhaps didn't/don't have the time and money to really nourish his capabilities. As sarcastic and unwilling he may seem to some (and trust me, he's got the eye roll of a 13 year old girl), he's got a lot of enthusiasm when he's doing what he loves. And a lot of...character we'll call it... when it comes to things he hates - such as on-leash obedience laugh out loud
His best quality to me though, is he has the best calming effect on me. I don't know why or how but he can get me out of a funk in a matter of seconds.

My goal for a future dog has been always to research a great breeder, and have Cobain around to teach the new pups "the ropes" so to say. While the new dog of course wont be a clone, they will always have that little part of Cobain. May sound silly to some, but I'm hoping it will help me get through the inevitable.

Though I have to admit, I am afraid. As Cohen mentioned, Dog #2 has been a bit of a terror in many ways (though great in others, I do have a certain fondness for my little Rig). But what if the pup learns more from her than Cobain? silencedsilencedsilenced

I guess what I'm saying here in my long convoluted post, is that I think what you're feeling is fairly normal. Especially with those whom have had that special attachment to their first really special dog.
Apply similar techniques that you did with Lupi to work toward the positive traits that you enjoy, and try something different to assist with the traits you perhaps would like your new dog to have that Lupi does not. Recognize that they are not the same dog, but rather "siblings" in the sense that the little one will learn from the older one.
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