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Cairn Terrier > DIABETIC CAIRN

Hamish- MacBeth

You think I'm- handsome ?
Barked: Fri Sep 23, '11 5:30am PST 
I was diagnosed with diabetes last December and the vet told my mom that she should get me a muzzle and a training lead 'cause I was gonna eat her !!shock I've been really good, and, apart from a couple of tense moments, I know the needles (2 every day) are making me feel better, so I let her help me. My mom is worried about me though ... I've lost weight, which I should have, and I feel good most of the time, but I seem to have a new problem almost every week. I've had skin infections (Advantix disagrees with me), my anal glands have impacted, I've had a couple of eye infections and now I'm limping 'cause I seem to have hurt my leg. Mom is having trouble paying for all my problems, what with the insulin and the needles and the anti-biotics for infections and the like ... we'd like to know if anybody out there has had problems like mine and if you have any ideas hows we can deal with these things naturally ... Cheers, Hamish
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Dog Health > Sebaceous Cysts
Hamish- MacBeth

You think I'm- handsome ?
Barked: Fri Jan 20, '06 6:14am PST 
I've had a little sebaceous cyst bothering me most of last year. It would get bigger and then smaller. My mummie took me to see Dr. Jane (she's my veterinarian and I like her a lot) and she tested the cyst (OUCH !) to make sure it was not a more serious problem. But it was only a cyst.

This past Saturday, my cyst grew big and hard and on Sunday morning, when mummie touched it, it broke ! She went online to see what she could do for it (and found all my new friends). She kept it clean and put on children's antibiotic ointment and it seemed better, but on Wednesday night, it was making me VERY unhappy. So on Thursday, we went to see Dr. Jane. She broke all the icky stuff off my cyst and pulled the centre of it out. She said that these cysts almost always have sandy centres, but mine was like a rock. She said she had never seen a cyst like mine. (I like to be unique!). My mummie said it made her feel sick, but I was very brave.

I have a little hole in my back now and my mummie and granny put medicine on it 4 times a day. Dr. Jane says that if the hole doesn't look like it's healing from the inside out by Monday, I might have to have surgery. Everybody is saying "thank goodness" that the wound is on my back, where I can't reach it. I'm saying I'd give anything to give it a good scratch !
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Hamish- MacBeth

You think I'm- handsome ?
Barked: Sun Jan 15, '06 6:03am PST 
Hi Everybody!

I'm new here. I hope I'm in the right place. If not, I'm sure some nice puppy will point my mummie in the right direction.

My name is Hamish and I'm 4 and a half. I'm a Cairn Terrier and I live in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. I live with my mummie and my granny in a neighbourhood full of dogs and I know them all ! I have a girlfriend named Candy and she's very pretty. I love walking in the park and riding in the car and eating. I'm looking forward to talking to all of you, 'cause I love to meet new people.

Hamish MacBeth
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