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Barked: Wed Oct 8, '08 7:25pm PST 
Oh I love that book! I'd love to visit the actual place. It's just too far away from us. But I heard about it after getting the call about Snickers passing over. I had to get it. The book was just beautiful! I cried while reading it.
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Snickers - (We Miss- You!)

Gone, but always- remembered!
Barked: Sun Jun 4, '06 12:41pm PST 
I couldn't help from crying when I read your post! I'm So sorry to hear about the loss of your baby! I bought a few books about greiving over a pets death, and they helped a lot. Although your story is a lot more intense than mine is, but I know exactlly what it feels like to loose a doggie ! Our Snickers was only with us for a week, but the love we have for her feels like we've been family forever. Our Snickers drowned also. She left our lives a little too soon!! She passed more than a year ago, and I still find it hard to think or talk about her without getting emotional, I don't think the death of a pet ever "sinks in" !! Every time I read a poem that reminds me of her I cry my eyes out. Of course I put all of these poems and songs in her diary, so if you wanna read her diary and have a good cry? Her Bio might make you cry also. frown Sometimes it makes me feel better to just have a good hard cry and let it all out So I read her page sometimes. When we first lost Snickers there wasn't a minute that I wasn't crying for her to come back. I'd wake up in my sleep crying for her. It was really intense! we really fell in love with her. She was like a child to us. I was always with her, and cared for her as if she was my own human baby. I'd hold her and rock her to sleep. I loved her so much. I think there will always be a pinch of pain in my heart from loosing Snickers. About 3 months later we decided to get another puppy, our Skittles! Skittles helped relieve the stress of loosing Snickers. I cry to Skittles about Snickers, and it's to the point that I think Skittles understands what were saying because she cries with us. It feels like Snickers is still around in spirit. I think Snickers comes to visit Skittles and play with her, because Skittles will sometimes be by herself playing like she's with another dog, but nothing is there. When she plays like this we ask her if she's playing with Snickers.
Like I said earlier: try and find a good book to help work through your feelings. It is a really hard prossess, I don't think I've gotten through all of the steps yet. one of the steps is to put away anything that reminds you of them, and I just can't do that! That makes me feel like I'm trying to forget about her, and that's the last thing I want to do. Just know that the late at night crying spells do calm down a bit, and life becomes a little easier. Death of a pet is hard it's just something that doesn't ever go away and it is a "constant nightmare" that you wish would just end. Maybe your baby found my baby? They aren't sad without us now because they have eachother, their own family in heaven watching, looking down on us to make sure we're ok. -Just a comforting thought.-
Don't give up yet. Skittles and I will be praying for you. I hope something I wrote gave you some hope?

In the end, I hope you'll be ok. frown

((Sorry this is so long)) smile
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Snickers - (We Miss- You!)

Gone, but always- remembered!
Barked: Sat Jan 21, '06 4:22pm PST 
I'm here too! I've only been here for a year and 1 month, and I'm not used to it yet! I still miss my Human Mom & Dad that I never got to spend enough time with. I was sent to the Bridge at 8 weeks old. My Human Mom and Dad Still cry when talking about me. But I've made a lot of nice puppies and dogs here, and it will be fun to meet a lot more of you! smile
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Snickers - (We Miss- You!)

Gone, but always- remembered!
Barked: Sun Sep 11, '05 2:48pm PST 
Someone emailed me this poem today! I couldn't get through it without crying. It's really sad and made me thing of my baby Snickers! **We miss you girl!**


God's Storybook
By: Dawn Lynn Towers

You held me in your arms today
My head rested upon your chest
As your tears fell, I slipped away
Into final rest

Angels came and clutched me tight
As to Heaven we would go
Ever toward the brightest light
From "The Golden Gate" it glowed

A home was waiting there for me
It looked just like my own
Beside the hearth my blanket lay
And next to it my bone

I looked around and there was not
A thing forgotten there
Except for you, and frantically
I looked everywhere

God put his gentle hand so warm
Upon my troubled head
Angels with their smiles so sweet
Lay me upon my bed

Between my favorite toy and bone
A storybook with pictures perched
The angels turned each page in time
For you I need not search

All my life was in the book
Each hug and kiss you gave
Each word of love you ever spoke
Was on each precious page

God said to me to rest awhile
Beside the hearth of home
With my special storybook
I'd never be alone

When the pictures faded dull
And the pages torn
The angels would add a log to the fire
To make it extra warm

Through the door you'd come to me
The book would disappear
You'd pick me up and hug me tight
I'd kiss away your tear

To the hearth we'd go and sit
In your favorite chair
Beside your feet I'd settle in
As Angels came to care

Upon your lap they'd lay a book
And turn each page in time
I'd close my eyes to rest awhile
Because I knew now you'd be fine......
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