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Carpe Dogem!
Barked: Sat Mar 24, '07 6:12am PST 
When I first got Boo, I fed him Bil-Jac. This gave him terrible gas, which I tried to help by mixing in a spoonful of plain yogurt. That worked really well, and the gas more or less dissapated. He's louder than ever, but at least he's not clearing rooms anymore.

Boo had a problem with vomit, and I brought him to the vet. She put him on Science Diet I/D, which has helped out in that respect. So now, his gas doesn't smell so bad, and he is not vomiting.

He just eats it up, too. He loves his kibble!
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French Bulldog > Frenchies themselves what they do.

Carpe Dogem!
Barked: Sat Mar 24, '07 6:07am PST 
My Boo does the running thing, too. Usually when we come back from a walk. He will run figure eights between my living room and dining room. It's pretty funny to watch. Then he just wears himself out, and is ready to settle in for the evening.

I have a book from a dog trainer who refers to this behaviour as FRAPing (Frenetic Random Acts of Play).snoopy

Otherwise, Boo is pretty much a couch potato. Someone once asked me if he was on valium! laugh out loud
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