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I am new to having an Akita, but already understand what you're saying and feel your pain! At 6 months, Denali hasn't shown an ounce of aggression toward anyone or any dog, and reads social cues pretty well. He does tend to tease smaller dogs like your dog does! However at the first sign of "back off" from another dog, Denali is out of there. Who knows how long this will last, but I know at the moment, he's excellent around dogs.

However, because he's already 60+ pounds and bigger than most full-grown dogs, people will assume he's inherently aggressive and plans to eat the little dog he's calmly sniffing. or is coming up to them with the intention to sink his teeth into their legs. Denali has been full-on attacked by several dogs before, unprovoked as far as I could tell(just sniffing their behind, or even just walking by), ranging from a great dane to a tiny Scottie. All he does is roll over and take it, has never fought back.

Luckily, I do meet a lot of well-educated people at our dog park, and they know when their dog is the problem, or that my dog is not being aggressive(he tends to "talk" when he's playing and it can sound scary). If Denali is getting a group of people on edge, I bring him with me to another part of the dog park to play. After hiking and seeing people visibly pale at the sight of him trotting down the trail, I know I'm going to experience a lot more of this as he grows up. It's come with the breed I guess.

If you have someone who will listen to you, I would absolutely tell them. Some people have that "my kid is perfect" syndrome and won't listen, at which point there isn't much you can do, and it isn't fair. People just need to be more educated in reading dogs' body language and that would solve a lot- that and training.
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Akita > Too perfect so far....??

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I got my first Akita at the end of July and wondered the same thing! I guess we should just appreciate how great they are right now and work to keep it that way! Denali has been going to obedience classes since he was 10 weeks, and continues to have extensive socialization. I don't ever want to lose what a great pup he is!

It sounds like your pup started to show some resource guarding? Even as a puppy, I think you're right, it's something to watch out for! Denali gets obsessed with certain objects sometimes, so now I make sure he can willingly give up whatever he's holding. He'll still warn me if someone approaches the property or me if I didn't see them, but it's one or two warning barks and he's done.

Denali too, would poop right in the middle of the sidewalk when he was younger. Not sure what that's about, but he grew out of it. I think as yours matures, he will too. When they get older they start to "pick their spots" so to speak. As a young puppy he didn't care.

You sound like you have a great pup! Keep up the good work, keep socializing him and enjoy!
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