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I am a fairly new Frenchie mum, though I did a fair amount of research before choosing French Bulldogs there were a lot of surprises when becoming an owner. I would have to say the main thing is you need to have:

TIME- People who are stay-at-home workers or mums or otherwise are best suited for Frenchies. They don't like to be left at home alone and need a lot of attention. I walk Jupiter 3 sometimes 4 times a day and I have heard from other Frenchie owners at the park that it's the same with them.

MONEY- Frenchies are delicate, loving, goofy, affectionate pups. But they have a slew of health issues. This is also something I was warned about but in practice it is always more shocking. The first three months I was at the vet with him about 8 times, racking up massive health bills ranging from ear infections, to an eye infection, to him eating something weird off the street, and then for his breathing. He still gets ear infections a lot, so our vet is our best friend.

PATIENCE- The other thing I was shocked by, but was also warned of, was their stubborn nature. Jupiter is actually a rescue and his history before us is a little foggy, though through the training process it became clear that he was perhaps abused and clearly taken from his mum too early. This made the training process significantly more difficult. Something that is very common with Frenchies.

VIGILANCE- The last thing about frenchies is they are little piggish rascals. Jupiter will eat ANYTHING. I know this is true to many other frenchies as well. And when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. He loves plastic, wood, food (chocolate, grapes, walnuts, avocados, anything poisonous that he has sniffed out of bushes on the streets). I am extra vigilant but there is always some trash lurking somewhere on the streets or at the park.

LOVE- All that said, having a French Bulldog has been a massively gratifying experience. I would say that if you have time, patience, money, and a lot of love to give then a Frenchie is perfect for you. Jupiter makes me laugh every day and he is the biggest cuddle bunny. He loves people and parks and life in general. I am definitely a sold Frenchie lover for life!
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