Akita > Akita "aggression" (sweet akita harassed by jerk dogs)


Barked: Tue Oct 22, '13 11:18am PST 
My Akita used to go to the dog park everyday. We had his dog friends that he played with regulary. He does not like any dog trying to show dominance over him though. Usually his warning growl stops them and we go on our way. I watch him always not so much for him but for other dogs. One time a boxer wouldn't leave him alone. He kept warning growls and trying to walk away. I should have taken my dog away then but the boxer started a fight. I called my dog off and he came to me bleeding. Boxer's owner said "there's blood on my dog" I asked if his dog was ok and after checking him he said yes. So I told him it's my dog's blood on your dog. Guy didn't say anything. I just left because people will always look at the Akita for starting something. The time before that he was chasing some smaller dogs (as dogs do at the dog park) and this lady almost hit him with her cane! I was like "really???" So I just stopped taking him to the dog park. He has lots of dog friends that we meet and play with but it's just not worth the grief that can come from people who always blame the Akita.
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