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Barked: Wed Apr 17, '13 6:59pm PST 
Thanks everyone for your help. To answer one question, I do remember a similar incident a while back (not sure how long, but definitely not super-recent) that was not quite as severe. I think at that time I thought I just scared her because, again, she was vomiting and I jumped up and quickly put her out of the bed. But this time I could definitely tell there was something wrong, and it wasn't just because she was frightened. And I have to wonder, since she does vomit from time to time, if she has been having some type of small seizure all along and I just didn't know it.

Also, after ALOT of internet research, I had pretty much come to the conclusion that the vomiting and the seizure (assuming that's what it was) are probably the result of low blood suger - I was glad to see that someone else suggested the same thing, it makes me feel like I'm probably on the right track. I'm going to try to make sure from now on that Ella eats something before bed every night. She appears to be fine now, and apparently has been all day. She needs to go to the vet fairly soon for shots anyway (in the next few weeks soon) so if she doesn't show any other strange symptoms I think I'm going to wait it out and just mention it then to see what the vet thinks.

Thanks everyone for all your help. I really do think this was a small seizure, but hopefully we'll get it figured out! This seems like a great site, I'll probably visit oftensmile
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