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Behavior & Training > housebreaking help

Barked: Thu Mar 27, '14 7:15pm PST 
Right now i have been housebreaking for a month and a half. I can leave my dog inside in a restricted area when i go outand he doesn't soil. Problem is,i dont think he is quite getting it. I am taking him every for hours,two walks a day. Problem is. He marks instead of peeing on one go and that is a mayor reason why i can't teach him to behave inside because he had been holding it to mark abd when he comes back he pees. It had only happenes twice after istarted training and only because i have been taking him out and keeping him tethered and confined to a my room.

So. I was thinking of taking him out evety hour and only let him pee*mark* once,reward and back inside. Period.

Would this work? He should get that he only gets one chance and to potty on one go.

He is not neutered,and is 1y and thee months old.
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Behavior & Training > can housebreaking overcome marking?

Barked: Sat Feb 22, '14 1:42pm PST 
My pup is not a very agressive marker inside but outside and its proving kind of hard to houbreak a male who marks instead of peeing and then out of nowhere pees all over the floor...

I posted this on a group on fb,you can have more details with this.

"Hi everyone!
I am currently trying to housebreak my male yorkie. He turned 1 year on january.

I literally just started today.

He drank some water and i had been taking him once every hour and nothing yet. He just lays down or sits quietly. I have treats in my pocket for when he does do anything.

I also had him tethered near me and just left him crated for a quick trip to the supermarket.

Can i leave him in the yard when i have to be out for a really long time?.

Also he likes to mark instead of peeing on our walks so i have stopped letting him and will only praise him if he poops.

Am i doing things right?
Why is he taking so long to pee?
Also should i neuter him just to stop the marking or can that me corrected with training on housebreaking?.

Thank you ."
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Other Barks & Woofs > SPAM,SPAM EVERYWHERE and not the canned one!


Barked: Mon Jan 20, '14 8:08pm PST 
What is it with ALL the spammers? our post are just getting DROWNED by people *or the same user?* posting links to....trash?...

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Dogster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment > good web pages to buy in bulk/wholesale?


Barked: Mon Jan 20, '14 10:55am PST 

I am currently trying to find webstores that sell dog/cat products in bulk/wholesale for cheap/affordable prices.

For example a box of X dog toy for 50$ dollars.

I want to get things from companies,preferaly natural stuff.

I know you can contact the company for a bulk order but i know that would be expensive.

Thank you!.
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Dog Health > Help me with a list of Natural products


Barked: Sun Jan 19, '14 8:15am PST 

If you guys could help me with this. I want to open a store of natural pet products and good quality ones.

but i want to find things that not only are healthy,but work,and that you guys have used.

Please include:

High quality food/kibble & premade Raw.
USA safe/durable toys
High quality leashes/collars/harness,etc.
Natural shampoos.
Tick/flea treatments. non-toxic/low impact.

If you guys have/use any of the following in your house that are of high quality and work i would LOVE to know the brands.

Thanks a LOT!
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Raw Food Diet > Natural sources of....

Barked: Fri Jan 17, '14 9:32am PST 
Hello!. my dogs don't like *more like hate* fish,but i want to supplement them with omegas,they also dislike organ meat so i was thinking of making them a mix of:

ground beef
Organ meat*liver+kidney*
pumpkin*for digestion*
egg*for the fatty acids*
and glucosamine/chodroitin.
coconut oil.

But i am lost at a natural source for these two other than chiken feet. anything chewable its okay.

I plan to feed this mix twice a month as raw balances over time. maybe weekly.

I can also try to feed Cod liver oil but i am afraid of over dosing with vit A.
could also buy the raw fish and grind it but thats extra work,or feed them canned fish*in water* in the mix which also defeats the purpose of raw,but as long as it works and they get what they need.

Thank you smile
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Sports & Agility > help with Running ?


Barked: Sat Jan 11, '14 9:25pm PST 
I was considering tricycles but i am a short and small person so i don't know if it would be comfy to ride it.

I was even thinling on getting wheels that you can attatch to a bike like training wheels but of good quality and adults.

The thing is that have a tendency to lise traction when you take a curve abd that could be dangerous.
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Dogs and a Clean Home > Some help please


Barked: Sat Jan 11, '14 7:18pm PST 
Hello smile.

Guys i want to get some help with something.

I want to have my dogs inside but i can't have their crates upstairs in the house. There is no space.

So i was thinking on putting them in a terrace we have,its ventilated and has a ceiling fan.

I will keep them crated every two hours for 30 minutes and when they are out they can hang in my room,with a drag leash and only move around tethered to me.

Is it okay to crate them and for them to be downstairs and alone during the day when they get crated?.

Of course i will make sure to keep them busy,tired and happy.

What do you think about this?.
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Sports & Agility > help with Running ?


Barked: Fri Jan 10, '14 5:06pm PST 
I would like to have my dog's just run but the thing is,i feel like me just running with them won't do.

The thing is i hqve balance issues *because i'm blind from one eye* i think that gives me lots of troubles with riding a bike,i had never tried with a small one*lol i'm also short*
Roller blades make me uneasy and i was thinking of getting a four wheel scooter,but i could only find the big ones for people with limited mobility.

How can i run with them?. Is there any alternative?

My balance issue is almost nonexistant with walking and running on foot,its only annoying when riding a bike or any of the sort.

Maybe is my lack of experience/practice. Help?
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Behavior & Training > Merging two methods

Barked: Thu Jan 9, '14 8:03pm PST 
I already said so. I am VERY open to change and very creative with ideas. I am in fact an artist so i think that helps. I won't be caught up on any specific method.

Basically what i do is: see a method that calls my attention,i take what i like and leave behind what does not. Its like a big puzzle with each piece having a different picture.

And yes i will work at a local group of dog walkers and where i will be learning there is a daycare/boarding kennel so i will be meating and dealing with a lot of dogs.
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