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Barked: Wed Jan 30, '13 3:46pm PST 
Our family is going through the same thing right now. We lost our precious Basset Hound Stella Blue this past Sunday, 1/27, very suddenly. I constantly feel I'm having a panic attack, the void she left behind is suffocating. The smallest thing like dropping an ice cube makes me break down into hysterical fits of crying, she loved eating the ice cubes we dropped and would be right there under our feet everywhere we went. I sleep with her stuffed skunk because it has her scent and every morning I wake up and realize I will never see her face looking at me waiting to say good morning. My boys are devastated, it was their first dog and my 16 has flown into a world of disassociation , I can't get him to talk or express any emotions. I miss my girl, I want her backcry
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