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Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 8:19pm PST 
Book under my pillow? Hadn't thought of that. Couldn't hurt. About the only thing I've got from it so far (maybe), is to add different oil to different meats. K&K have had awful dry, flaky, itching skin since being on raw (7-8 months or there about). I kept thinking they needed more FO (to offset O6 in grocery store meats), but the problem persisted. That's the reason I got the book, wanted to read his "balancing fats" concept. So I've completely stopped FO, add hemp seed (or oil) to ruminant, chia seed (or flax but prefer chia) with poultry, and feed sardines or anchovies 3-4 day a week, and ... knock on wood ... the itching has all but stopped. Their skin still looks pretty dry, but they're scratching very little; no more red, raw, almost bleeding sore spots. I'm hoping it's not just a fluke. Sorry. Now I really HAVE highjacked thread. My bad.
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