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What a t00b.
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 10:49am PST 
The Lady bought me an antler chew and at first the inside was white. After a few days of chewing the honeycomb mesh end started turning a strange brown/red color which darkened over time as I chewed it. I do not think my gums were bleeding and the color change seemed gradual.
Is this normal for antler chews, or is there some kind of bacteria growing in it?

As a side note, I just had a very serious episode of pancreatitis and so my mom is being very cautious with me, overall (I was in the hospital for almost a week and I think she was crying a lot while I was away). I know she definitely doesn't want to expose me to any bacteria, but with my condition, the antler is one of the few chew toys I'm still allowed to have.
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