Flat-coated Retriever > Could I be a flat-coat?


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yes Bruce looks very much like a flatcoated retriever
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Flat-coated Retriever > a few questions for a new owner

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Wonderful that you adopted a flatty smile i love the breed. and i can tell from your post that you have found out they canbe a handful. this is becasue they are avery slow maturing breed and some flatcoats i know dont even begin to settle until they are 5 or even 6years old. my paige is 2 now and she has begun to settle which is great for me.

I think what you are describing is gundog training. you can look it up on internet and its basically retrieving a dummy within sounds and mainly a whislte. try looking NEFRA or 'Flatcaoted retriever Society' they do alot with this sort of training. You can buy all sort of equitment from the NEFRA website including dummies, whisltes etc.

Som Flatcoats that i have look after have struggled to keep weight on. it can be a stress thing. if your flatty pants alot this could be stress or anixietywhich is making your dog not keep the weight on. i feed my dog on raw meats. 'Natural Instints' this is a great way of making them eatbecasue it is very tatsy for them adn they love it and keeping weight on. try upping your food that yougive, see if that helps. try keeping your dog calm, becasue if its stress your fighting a battle that you are not going to win as simple thingswithin your own house hold can stress your dog. try giving yumega oilsas thishelps their coat and will make their food tatste better. i had an eating problem with paige but now she likes her raw meat.

my other question for you Flattie owners, is do you find it hard to keep weight on? we do a high performance feed and some oil on the top (he wont eat it otherwise) hes only a year old, if that and hes really long and skinny. you can tell he isnt filling out his frame. hes only about 50 lb but you can feel his spine. ive taken him to the vet and hes healthy with no worms. i feed 3 cups per day. ive tried giving him more but he wont eat it.

Let meknow if any ofthis helps you
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