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Our wonderful dog Tobey, our mutant Yorkie we liked to call him, passed away a week before Thanksgiving. He was only 9. He got very sick and it was a very painful end to his life. Our family has had many pets, but no loss has ever felt like this. Tobey was so much a part of our lives. He felt like a brother, a son, an actual person in our home. The house is so quiet now. The hardest has been my Dad. He and Tobey were best friends and did everything together. As time has gone on, my Dad has gotten worse. We know time, a lot of time, is needed for my Dad to start to remember the good. But right now...it is sobbing every day. We did take some baby steps today and actually went and looked at a puppy. Unfortunately it just wasn't the right dog. My Dad and our family desperately want as we call it- a "Tobey" dog. Most yorkies are teacups or people try so hard for them to be tiny. We, however, loved the surprise of Tobey for some odd reason growing up into a 24-26ish lb dog. He is a purebred and his mom only weighed 6lbs so we aren't sure what happened. But it was wonderful for us-we loved his size. We also loved his floppy ears. So our problem is this-we want a "Tobey" dog. A larger Yorkie with floppy ears. We know the breeder was named Barbara G. Miller and was in Suttons Bay, Michigan, but that was nine years ago. We tried contacting AKC, but they don't give out breeder information. We have no way of finding her. I thought perhaps by creating this account and actively contacting people in the Yorkie community someone might know how to get in touch with her. Or someone could help us find a "Tobey" dog-a larger Yorkie with floppy ears. We don't need an exact replica of Tobey-no dog will ever replace our baby, but we do want a dog similar to him. We just don't want a tiny yorkie. It's so hard to know how they will turn out though. Like I said-Tobey's mom was 6lbs and you could hold Tobey in one hand when he was a puppy. For whatever reason-he just grew up into a larger dog and his ears never turned up. Anyway-any help would be greatly appreciated. We are located in Traverse City, Michigan-northern Michigan, but we are not opposed to traveling to find our new puppy or dog.

Thank you.
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