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Great info. Thanx!
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Rottweiler > is there any such thing in purebred rottweilers??


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I never saw a Rottweiler with white marks or spots - but I do know that it happens sometimes even in very pure bloodlines with nice pedigree - no "mutts" as the above user called them.
It's somewhat rare - but it happens despite the pedigree and bloodlines.
Some kennels sacrifice puppies and hide this fact but a few others spay/neutralize and donate the puppy.
A Rottweiler's Pedigree is a document and even with white marks or spots if the dog came from a registered litter (male+female with pedigree and breeding permission), the dog will be able to have the Pedigree but won't be acceptable for breeding because having a Pedigree doesn't always means meeting the Breed Standard.
The breed standard does not accept white spots.
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