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Barked: Tue Dec 4, '12 12:33am PST 
It's me, Tiller. When this thread started, I went to a shelter with which I am familiar...just to do a breakdown on the numbers I was referring to...but hit one picture and didn't have the heart to move further.

This is Petunia. I gave her that name. She only has a number, and it will be a short lived one. Maybe she has never had a name. She has been placed in a cardboard box, at age six months old along with her sister. They are both skinny, wormy, may have other health conditions. Scared and under socialized. If you click on her page, you will see other puppies at the shelter at this time. That's her competition. She doesn't have a shot in hell.

She has never been wanted, she has never been loved. She has probably never been in a house. The first climate controlled structure she has been in will probably be this shelter. Where she will live scared for all the smells and noises. And then she will die. As A057279.

This is what people face every day. There are currently 31 puppies at her shelter. THIRTY ONE. One shelter, in one outskirted town outside New Orleans. She is likely one of over 100 puppies available at neighboring shelters. She is plain, she is old (for a puppy), she is sickly, she is under socialized. And if you think the other puppies are in a much better position....think again. There are minimal rescues in that region. With rampant accidental litters, free puppies, and a culture that accepts purebred litters being routinely sold at parking lots for $50 a pop. A few of these may be lucky to make it into the adoption room. Many will grow up there without adoption.

And long forgotten will be A057279. But I call her, and will remember her as, Petunia.

THIS VIDEO was created by a shelter in a neighboring town. Very loaded as well. Don't think they care. That's way too easy an answer.

The problem in intake and culture which leave puppies like Petunia very much on her own.
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