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Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 10:33am PST 
Do you all love the min pin? The English Bull Terrier, how about the beautiful German Shepherd?
Those are just a few I have come across, I can name many more.These are all man made breeds. Crossed with other dogs to make there now recognized breeds.
Why is it so bad that someone would want to create a small look alike of the Rottweiler? It is the same as the small look a like of the Doberman Pinscher? (There is absolutely nothing in common between the min pin and the DP, besides there looks)
You say you understand space but if I don't have time for a Rottweiler I have no right owning a dog! I will tell you what I have owned and breed German Rottweilers and small breed dogs. I can run around the yard and house and tire out my small breeds but when I take out my large breeds they need room to run, not a tiny back yard or living room! There is no way my Rottie's would tire out in the yard. So time to take them out to the proper exercise area requires more time and effort. The large Rottie eats a heck of a lot more food then the smaller lookalike as well. So now we are looking at less money as well.. Or should we not own a dog if we can't afford to feed a 40lbs bag of food every three weeks?
Not all the dogs look like Rotties I will give you all that.But if you wait and watch there starting to have better litters. (It takes time to create the perfect little look a like) The ones that don't look like a Rotie are still sweet and as good as any other small breed. These dogs are not just a beagle bread with a dachshund and here you go.... They are taking certain traits from other breeds and breeding them into the lines to make the replica.
These dogs are not Chihuahua's. Chihuahua's should not weigh more than 6 lbs, and are very dainty. These guys can get to be 20lbs.(Most range from 10-20) and they are strong dogs with strong jaws.
I guess I will just have to come back to this forum once they are CKC and or AKC registered.....If they have that tittle I guess they are okay to breed then?!?hail
And to those out there who say "I hope someone who was considering one of these dogs reads this and changes there minds" doesn't help with keeping dogs out of shelters, because no matter what you say these dogs need and deserve a home just like all the other dogs out there... But each to their own I guess. relieved
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