Dingo > You probably don't have a dingo.


Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 9:01am PST 
I certainly didn't intend to talk down to anyone, although I can see how you got that impression. My point is that it's infinitesimally slim, basically impossible, to "find" a dingo in America. And, as this was written days before I even saw your question, this was absolutely in no way aimed at you specifically.

However, any time you point out that someone is in all probability mistaken about something, especially something they care about as much as their dog, people are going to feel offended. In religion and politics this is just best avoided because it boils down, essentially, to opinion. Not so with this topic.

My real goal is to have people be realistic about their dogs and address the training issues they encounter, rather than blaming it on the dog's imaginary "wild" lineage.

But I'm sure your dog is a fantastic dog, and a shiba inu is a beautiful and intelligent breed that you should be proud to have, and it's certainly in no way any worse than having a dingo or dingo mix. Dingoes are, after all, ultimately just another breed of dog.
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Raw Food Diet > mucous poo on raw diet

Barked: Wed Nov 14, '12 10:05am PST 
Thanks for all the tips, guys! What kind of meat do you suggest with a good bone to flesh ratio? My guy is around 25lbs, so nothing too huge, although he does a great job at properly crunching his bones before swallowing them, and isn't a "gulper".

And to answer what "moucus poo" looks like, in the case of my dog, it looks pretty much like normal poo, but the first third or so of it has a think layer of light-brownishy mucus (like... thick snot... ick!). The rest of it may or may not also have some mucus on it.
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